Why are my purchased songs missing iTunes?

Why are my purchased songs missing iTunes?

One of the reasons you find your purchased music missing in the iTunes app is because you have not enabled the view all option in the app. Open the iTunes app on your computer and click on the Store option to access iTunes Store.

How do I find missing songs in my iTunes library?

To see just where iTunes is looking for a missing file, select the track and press the Control and I keys (on a Windows PC) or the Command and I keys (on a Mac). When the Get Info box for the song opens, click the File tab in the box. The file’s last known location on the computer should be listed at the bottom.

Is there a way to delete songs from an iPod Touch?

Since iPod Touch can delete songs directly from the device, unless you want to remove songs forever, there’s no need to use iTunes to delete music from your iPod Touch. You can do it using “Music” App or “Settings” App.

How can I recover my music from my iPod?

Launch iTunes on your computer. Go to iTunes Store from the iPod’s Home screen. Tap Purchased > Not on This iPod. You will find all the songs purchased by yourself on the screen. Select your wanted songs to download. You can click “Download All” to download all the purchased music.

What to do if you delete music from iTunes?

Sync music from iTunes to iPod In the end, you need to check the Sync Music box and click Apply to start syncing the songs on iTunes library to iPod. If the songs that you delete are purchased music, you can recover them from your iCloud.

How do I export music from my iPod to my computer?

Plug your iPod touch into the computer through a USB cable. Launch the software on your PC. Do as the program prompts to let it recognize your device automatically. After that, tap Music from the left penal and preview all your iPod music on the right. Select your required songs and click the Export button to put them onto the computer.