Where do shotgun shells go?

Where do shotgun shells go?

Place a single shell against the loading flap just ahead of the trigger guard. The “business end” of the shell should be pointing toward the end of the gun barrel. The business end is the end of the shell that the shot comes out of and is opposite the metal capped end of the shell where the explosive charge is housed.

What side of shotgun shell goes in first?

You will want to make sure that the shell is facing the right direction. The side of the shell that has the primer is the rear of the shell. You will slide the shotgun shell in by pushing, with your thumb, on the rear of the shell into the tube.

What kind of shotgun is western field 12 gauge?

It does have many dings and scratches. Stock for Western Field model XNH-560-SA 12 gauge. This item is from a deceased gunsmiths parts inventory I am not a gunsmith but I will be glad to try to answer any questions that you might have Please know what you are bidding on as we are selling AS IS and all sales are final.

What is the buttstock of a Westernfield shotgun?

Western Field model 30,Stevens 520 12ga. Buttstock Westernfield 60, 12ga Shotgun Part. Stock & Forend Westernfield 60, 12ga Shotgun Part.

What kind of trigger guard does Westernfield shotgun have?

Trigger Guard w/ Pin Westernfield 40N, 12ga Shotgun Part. Lifter Westernfield MSSOQBT, 12ga Shotgun Part. Bolt Westernfield 550E, 410ga Shotgun Part. Bolt Westernfield 60, 12ga Shotgun Part. Trigger Housing Westernfield 40N, 12ga Shotgun Part. Trigger Housing, Screws & Pin Westernfield XNH-565-C, 16ga Shotgun Part.

How much does it cost to ship a shotgun from western field?

Shipping will be $8.84 to the USA If you purchase 2 or more items from us please wait until we send you an invoice before you pay as it usually will save you money If you are looking for any other gun parts email us a list and we will check to see if we have them and will be happy to list them We accept Paypal.