How expensive is a NASA supercomputer?

How expensive is a NASA supercomputer?

NASA’s system will cost about $50 million, somewhat of a bargain price because Intel Corp. and SGI, among other vendors, will be studying the system as part of a research agreement, a NASA spokesman said.

What is Pleiades supercomputer used for?

Pleiades, one of the world’s most powerful supercomputers, represents NASA’s state-of-the-art technology for meeting the agency’s supercomputing requirements, enabling NASA scientists and engineers to conduct modeling and simulation for NASA projects.

What is the price of supercomputer?

Supercomputers built by NEC in-house usually carry price tags in the millions of dollars, with even lower-end models costing around $100,000.

How fast is NASA supercomputer?

Pleiades (supercomputer)

Active 2008 – Present
Memory 926 terabytes.
Storage 29 petabytes (RAID)
Speed 5.95 petaflops (sustained), 7.09 petaflops (peak)
Ranking TOP500: 32, November 2019

Who owns NASA?

United States

Agency overview
Owner United States
Employees 17,373 (2020)
Annual budget US$22.629 billion (2020)

Can supercomputers run games?

GeForce NOW is a service where you launch a game on their supercomputers and then it streams the output to your pc. You can play nearly every game at max settings 1080p 60 fps (that’s the limit). I found the max performance per user is equivalent to around the performance of two RTX 2080 tis.

Does Pakistan have supercomputer?

ScREC is a supercomputer developed by the Research Centre for Modeling and Simulation (RCMS) at the National University of Sciences and Technology, Pakistan (NUST) in Islamabad, Pakistan. With a 132 teraflops performance, it is currently the fastest supercomputer in Pakistan.

How powerful are NASA PCS?

As of November 2019 it is ranked the 32nd most powerful computer on the TOP500 list with a LINPACK rating of 5.95 petaflops (5.95 quadrillion floating point operations per second) and a peak performance of 7.09 petaflops from its most recent hardware upgrade.

Who is the CEO of NASA?

Joe Smith –
Joe Smith – CEO – NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration | LinkedIn.