When was the P38 pistol made?

When was the P38 pistol made?

The Carl Walther Company began development of a new military pistol in the mid-1930s to replace the WW I Luger design. In 1938, the Werhmacht adopted Walther’s design and called it the “Pistole 38.” The pistol went into full production by mid-1940 and became standard issue in the World War II.

Where is serial number on Walther P38?

The Walther banner and P38 model indication are stamped on the left side of the slide with the serial number next to it. All parts of the 0-Series pistols are stamped with the Walther acceptance stamp E/359 and the sight is painted White/red.

What did the Germans call the P38 Lightning?

fork-tailed devil
Developed for the United States Army Air Corps, the P-38 had distinctive twin booms and a central nacelle containing the cockpit and armament. Allied propaganda claimed it had been nicknamed the fork-tailed devil (German: der Gabelschwanz-Teufel) by the Luftwaffe and “two planes, one pilot” by the Japanese.

Where are the serial numbers on a Walther P38?

Determination of a 0-Series pistol is easy. The Walther banner and P38 model indication are stamped on the left side of the slide with the serial number next to it.

What was the model number of the Walther P38?

Serial numbers ended at 1025. With a few more minor changes, the pistol finally was accepted by the German army, and “P38” became the official model name! The army initially ordered 800 pieces on April 1, 1939. Many of these pistols had mixed parts between the HP and P38 and be marked with the commercial proof.

What’s the serial number on a Walther banner?

To identify P38 serial numbers, reference a P38 serial number listing, such as the one found on the Ole’ Army Joel site. Zero models run from 01-013000, with the Walther banner. A native of New Haven, Conn., Floyd Drake III began writing in 1984.

How big is the barrel of a p38?

According to Wehrmacht-Awards, the P38 is 216 millimeters long, with a barrel length of 125 millimeters. An unloaded P38 should weigh 800g, or 1.76 pounds. Identify the serial numbers. After the manufacturer stamping, the serial numbers are stamped to the right of the pistol, above the handle.

What was the name of the next Walther pistol?

Walthers’ next design incorporated an enclosed hammer, as well as a free floating barrel (the army demanded a free floating barrel for reliability). This new pistol was known as the Walther AP (armee-pistole). This pistol had a take down lever like the P08, and also had the double action trigger system of the PP.