What is the disadvantage of AC over DC?

What is the disadvantage of AC over DC?

The peak value of A.C. is high and it is dangerous to use so better insulation is required. It attracts a person who touches it, unlike D.C. which gives a repelling shock. An A.C. is transmitted from the surface of the conductor and hence need several strands of thin wires insulated from each other.

What are the advantage of AC over DC?

Key Advantages of AC over DC The AC is simpler to produce than DC. It is also less expensive than DC to generate. The AC systems have higher efficiency than DC such as ac generators. The waste of power is negligible for AC during transmission.

Which is safer AC or DC current?

An electric shock has the capacity to induce ventricular fibrillation which can lead to heart failure and death. Avoiding any form of electric shock is preferable, but DC is considered safer in these circumstances as the human body’s threshold to DC is considerably higher than to AC.

What are the advantages of AC system over DC system?

In AC system we can use transformers to change the voltage levels. It cannot be used in DC system.

  • efficient and require less maintenance as compared to DC motors.
  • The switch gear (e.g.
  • The maintenance cost of AC equipment is lesser than DC equipment.

    What are the disadvantages of AC over DC?

    Today we will discuss the disadvantages or drawbacks of ac over dc. Let us discuss them one by one: First disadvantage is that the shock of the ac is attractive but the shock of dc is repulsive. At high voltages, it is more dangerous to work with ac than dc. In the processes like electrorefining, electroplating etc. , one can not use the ac.

    What are the advantages of AC motors over DC motors?

    The main advantage of Ac motor over Dc motor is that the speed – torque characteristic of AC motor is very close to the ideal characteristic. Torque of Ac motor is constant upto certain speed and then decreases, but in case of Dc motor torque linearly decreases as speed increases.

    What are the advantages of DC supply over AC supply?

    Advantages of ac over dc: We all know that we got ac supply in our homes and we got this supply by transmitting ac over long distances. The ac is easy to generate than dc. It is cheaper to generate ac than dc. The ac generators have higher efficiency than dc. The loss of energy during transmission is negligible for ac.