When did the Parker Brothers Shotgun come out?

When did the Parker Brothers Shotgun come out?

Your Parker Bros. shotgun was made in 1925. Read More How much is my Parker brothers double barrell shotgun serial? You need to give the serial number on a Parker. Read More What year is a Parker shotgun serial number 126212? What is a Parker Brothers 10 GA dbl bbl twist steel bbl hammered shotgun worth?

What kind of shotgun is a Parker 12 gauge?

SUPERIOR PARKER 12 GAUGE HAMMER TOP LEVER “0” GRADE DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN CIRCA 1885. SUPERIOR PARKER 12 GAUGE HAMMER TOP LEVER “0” GRADE DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN CIRCA 1885. 30” Damascus barrels with 2 9/16th” chambers and choked modified and modified.

When did Winchester stop making Parker Reproduction shotguns?

The project began in 1984, but production ceased in 1989 when the Olin-Kodensha plant closed its doors for all production of firearms. With this short period of production, only just over 12,000 shotguns produced, and all were marked “Parker Reproduction by Winchester” on the rib or barrel.

What kind of gun is the Parker P GRADE?

Parker P Grade (serial #773XX) — This was originally a 16ga with twist steel barrels on an “O” frame. The gun was returned to Parker Bros and rebarreled as a Vulcan Steel 28ga gun. The factory lett …Click for more info

Is there an absolute for a Parker Shotgun?

The first thing you should understand, is that there are NO ABSOLUTES when it comes to Parker Shotguns! But – how many times do you read on the PGCA Forums a post ” I just inherited a Parker – what do I have?

How to find out what year a Parker gun was made?

To start you off on your discovery….. First – go (click) here –> Find manufacturing dates by serial number, to find what year your Parker was manufactured. Second, remove the barrels from the frame. Next – go (click) here –> Technical Information to identify the markings on both the barrel flats and the water table…

What is a shotgun that has Henry Arms on the side plates?

What is A Shotgun that has Henry Arms on the side plates but has Parker Brothers on the butt plate it doesn’t look like a modification and the serial number crosses on the Parker Collectors website? I have a double barell shotgun the serial Number 36498 on both sides of gun HENRY ARMS Cc there is nothing on the butt Read More

How many Parker 12 gauge shotguns are there?

Fac …Click for more info Parker Bros. VH grade 12 gauge shotgun on 1 1/2 frame in all original condition with approximately 30 – 40% case colors remaining. Checkering is factory and has not been recut or retraced. …

What’s the serial number on a Parker DH 20 gauge?

I am looking to buy a Parker Brothers DH 20 Gauge SxS Shotgun. It has it’s original case and the serial numebr range in in the 200,000. It is in excellent condition. Can you help me come up with a fair price? I know it is tough not seeing it but anything would help.

Where do you find the grade on a Parker Shotgun?

The grade on Parker shotguns is a number or initials located on the water table of the frame. An alphabetical designation would indicate the grade immediately. For numerals, a ‘2’ would indicate a GH, while an ‘8’ would specify an A-1 Special – interpolate for the others (numbers 3 through 7).

What do the date codes on a Parker Shotgun mean?

Parker shotguns manufactured by Remington will have date codes stamped on left barrel flat that correspond to the month and the year (see Remington serialization in the Serialization Section).

Who are some famous people who shot Parker shotguns?

Buffalo Bill presented a Parker to Annie Oakley, who regularly shot Parkers in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. Some of our favorite authors like Foster, Ford and Spiller toted Parkers in the field and wrote about them frequently. So did Ernest Hemingway and Zane Gray.

What are the different grades of Parker shotguns?

Guns of various gauge were made on different frame sizes. Frame size was marked on the barrel lug. The final discriminating factor in gun selection was the ‘grade’ of the gun. Parker gun grades ranged from the most basic Trojan, then V or VH for Vulcan (a reference to the barrel steel), PH, GH, DH, CH, BH, AH and A1 Special.

Why do people like to buy Parker shotguns?

We love the shotgun sports and we love Parker Shotguns for making them so much fun. Some people buy Parker Shotguns solely for the aspect of owning and admiring fine guns, while still others like the way they handle and shoot afield. No matter the preference, or grade, The Gun Room Inc. has a Parker Shotgun for you.

What is the serial number on a Parker double barrel?

I have a Parker Double Barrel serial number 64220 which was manufactured in 1891. On top of the barrel is stamped “parker bros. makers Meriden conn. Twist”. On top of the barrel of the left barrel it … read more

What is the value of my Parker Brothers side by side double?

STEEL. 4511 PATD. MAR. 26. 1878 ) these are the only markings other than decorative that I can find. It’s a side by side 12 gauge shotgun f … read more I have a Parker Double Barrel serial number 64220 which was manufactured in 1891. On top of the barrel is stamped “parker bros. makers Meriden conn.

What kind of barrel does a Parker Shotgun have?

Parker Bros. VHE 20 gauge, 28″ vulcan steel barrels, double ivory beads, 2-3/4″ chambers, choked full and full (.026/.026). Barrels retain 100 % lustrous rich …Click for more info “1 FramePuglisi Gun Emporium is actively searching out firearms–No collection too big or too small for us to consider!

Are there any good books on Parker shotguns?

There are numerous good books on the market (although some arenow out of print) covering Parker shotguns. The internet, ofcourse, might also be helpfull. The two books I have on Parkersare. 1. ‘Parker America’s Finest Shotgun’ by Peter Johnson,Stackpole Books. 2. ‘The Parker Gun’ by Larry Baer, BeinfeldPublishing.