Are High Standard Derringers any good?

Are High Standard Derringers any good?

Registered. High Standard Derringers are excellent quality & accuracy ok considering the long hard trigger pull.

What year did High Standard go out of business?

High Standard Manufacturing Company

Type Private Company
Founded 1926 in Hamden, Connecticut, U.S.
Founder Carl Gustav Swebilius
Defunct 2018
Fate Dissolved

Is High Standard a good gun?

22s from High standard were the best guns that ever came out of this great little gun company. Solidly built and sensibly priced, the guns were the answer to a great many shooting needs. The company name said it all.

What’s a High Standard 22 pistol worth?

HIGH STANDARD H D MILITARY pistol PRICE AND HISTORICAL VALUE A HIGH STANDARD H D MILITARY pistol is currently worth an average price of $473.40 used . The 12 month average price is $473.40 used.

Where can I buy a 22 Magnum Derringer?

BUY NOW DOES NOT GUARANTEE THE SALE A PHONE CALL IS NEEDED SHIPING COST DEPENDS ON WEIGHT, INSURANCE VALUE AND ZIP CO HIGH STANDARD HAMDEN Blue 22 Magnum Derringer BORE BRIGHT AND (read more) High Standard Presentation Gold and Silver Derringer pair in .22 Magnum, wood presentation cases, la…

When did the High Standard Derringer come out?

High Standard entered the Derringer market in 1962. This particular specimen was made by High Standard, famous for their .22 semi-auto pistols and double-action rimfire revolvers. In 1962 they entered the Derringer market with a model simply known as the High Standard Derringer.

When did the rimfire hideout Derringer become DA38?

Johnson scaled up the design, and these rimfire hideout guns became a .38 Special pocket gun known as the DA38 Derringer. In 1990 the design went to the American Derringer Company, and as far as we know is still produced today.