Can you hunt deer with a semi-automatic weapon in NY?

Can you hunt deer with a semi-automatic weapon in NY?

with any semi-automatic firearm with a capacity to hold more than 6 rounds, EXCEPT the following semi-automatic firearms: firearms using . 22 or . 17 caliber rimfire ammunition, or.

Do you need a permit for a semi-automatic rifle in NY?

No permit is required for the purchase of a rifle or shotgun (except in New York City). A license to carry or possess a pistol or revolver is required to purchase a handgun.

Can you hunt with an AR-15 in NY?

New York state compliant AR-15. New York allows Semi-automatic rifles for hunting. The Magazine is not a issue because you can just buy a 10 round mag. And the “Muzzle device” Rule is for sound suppressors/flash suppressors.

Can you use .223 to hunt deer in NY?

Registered. It is legal in NY to hunt deer with any centerfire rifle round, which means technically you could even use a .

How many buck can you kill in NY?

The number of deer a hunter may take depends upon the licenses and privileges purchased. If a licensed hunter has the proper tags, they are permitted to shoot more than one deer in a day.

Can you carry a pistol while hunting in New York?

You can carry a handgun – provided you have a NYS pistol permit – while hunting with a bow during the regular big game season. However, you may not carry a firearm while archery hunting during a special archery season.

What makes a semi automatic rifle illegal in New York?

VAN BUREN, N.Y. – Semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines are banned from being sold in New York if they have a protruding pistol grip. That’s because the NY Safe Act redefined what constitutes an assault weapon.

Is it illegal to shoot a deer in NY?

One can only carry such a handgun during the regular deer season (or early and regular bear seasons) only if he or she possesses a NYS pistol permit. It is illegal to use the .22 caliber rim-fire as a primary or secondary weapon to take a deer or a bear, or to finish an animal off.

What are the New York state hunting regulations?

It shall have a minimum overall length from butt of stock to the front of the limbs of 24 inches and be able to launch a minimum 14 inch arrow/bolt, not including the legal arrowhead. It shall have a draw weight of 100 to 200 pounds. Dwelling houses — a permanent place where people live and sleep.

How does deer hunting work in New York?

Deer hunting in New York State is governed by a host of regulations listed in the annual state Department of Hunting and Trapping Guide (pictured above), Careful reading of the guide is a must before going afield. The following are 15 ways deer hunters can break the law and maybe not even know they’re doing it.