How much is a Marlin XL7 270 Worth?

How much is a Marlin XL7 270 Worth?


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How much is a Marlin 243?


SOLD: 9 months ago UPC:
LOCATION: Apopka, FL 32703 SKU: 70384
CALIBER: .243 Win. MANF. PART #:

Does Marlin Make a 270?

The Marlin XL7 has everything you need, and nothing you don’t. The rifle is fairly accurate right out of the box, and comes in the 3 popular hunting cartridges the 30-06, the 270 Win, and the smaller 25-06 Rem.

Does Marlin still make the XL7 rifle?

It wasn’t quite so surprising that the MR-7 was discontinued just three years later. Leverguns had made Marlin, and Marlin was going to focus once again on making leverguns.

How much is a Marlin 30 06 worth?

Recently Sold MARLIN XL7 rifle

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$570.00 XL-7 MARLIN XL7 .30-06 SPRINGFIELD 30-06 WALNUT 22″ 70374 LNIB USEDR3419 22 INCH ” BARREL Thief River Falls, MN 56701 Used
$365.00 .30-06 MARLIN XL7C 30-06 SPR BOLT ACTION 22″ BRL REALTREE APG HD CAMO 70392 Hindsville, AR 72738 Used

Does Marlin make a 243 rifle?

243 Winchester 22″ Barrel 5 Rounds 3-9x40mm Scope Compact Synthetic Stock Black 70322.

Does Marlin still make the xl7 rifle?

Are Marlin bolt action rifles any good?

Marlin is probably best known for its underlever actions and rimfires in the USA, rather than for hunting rifles. I have been told they are good value for money, and more importantly, that their accuracy is ‘just darn good’! The Marlin X7 range of rifles come in short and long actions, chambered in calibres from .

When did the Marlin xl7 come out?

Introduced in 1995, it was one heck of a gun. Having benefited from all those years of riflemen griping and complaining about the Remington Model 700 and Winchester Model 70, Marlin sought to give them the perfect gun.

What’s the price of a Marlin XL7 rifle?

The Marlin XL7 has proven itself to be a reliable and great gun for the money, and it just may be the best bang for the buck in the $275-$350 price range.

What kind of scope does a Marlin XL7 have?

The Marlin XL7’s stock supports the receiver ring and rear tang, but the barrel is free-floating the entire length of the fore-end except at the tip where a mild 5 pounds of dampening pressure is exerted. To get the test rifle range ready for this review we mounted one of the new Weaver Classic Extreme 2.5-10×50 scopes.

What kind of safety is on Marlin X7 rifle?

The X7 rifles have nice lines, and fire controls do not look and feel like add-on parts thrown together at the last minute. Instead of a rough-edged safety stamped from sheet metal, all the rifles have an electroless nickel-Teflon coated safety that is held in place with a detent.

Which is the cheapest Marlin bolt action rifle?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a cheap rifle, if it is the right cheap rifle. The Marlin XL7 and XS7, recently rechristened the X7, are a couple of the best values on the gun rack, and the line continues to grow.