How much is a savage 220 20 gauge?

How much is a savage 220 20 gauge?


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Is the Savage 220 A good gun?

Savage 220 is a great slug gun. Use the Remington Accutip sabots for great accuracy at up to 200 yards. Remington ballistics suggest zero at 150, so a decent marksman should be in the kill zone at 200 if you shoot it enough.

What is the difference between Savage 212 and 220?

I have had both, and I prefer the 220, the 212 is great out to 100 yards, but the accuracy is sub par compared to the 220 which still holds a 3 inch group at 150 yards using 3 inch remington accutips. Also the 20 gauge slug is plenty to drop deer and bear.

How far can a savage 212 shoot?

Based on published Winchester ballistics, this is a 167 yard, six inch kill zone, maximum point blank range load. The 212 is essentially identical in length and weight to its 20 gauge counterpart, the 220.

How accurate is the savage 212 slug gun?

The accuracy was good (1.75in at 100 yards), but the most accurate was the Federal Sabot slug utilising the original BRI slug of 0.50 calibre encased by a plastic two-shell separating sabot. This consistently put three slugs into less than 0.5in at 100 yards, which is phenomenal.

What ammo does a savage 220 take?

Current recommended ammo is Remington Accutip 260gr.

Does the savage 220 have iron sights?

I had a 220, accuracy was typically good but at $4 every trigger pull range time got expensive. The one flaw with that gun is that it does not come with iron sights so you are forced to buy a scope and at close range you may not want one anyway.

When did the Savage Model 220 shotgun come out?

The Savage Model 220 single barrel break action shotgun first appears in January 1937. It was introduced along with the very short lived Savage Model 320 side-by-side and the a bit longer lived Model 420/430 over under. The Model 220 was offered in 12-gauge with 24″,28″,30″,32\

How much does a savage 220 slug gun cost?

Savage 220 Slug Gun Bolt Action Shotgun PRICE $599.99 ITEM # 1312299 MPN: 18828 Gauge 20 Gauge Chamber 3in Capacity 2+1

What kind of choke does Savage Model 220 have?

While the companion model 220 shotgun was made in 410, 28 ga, 20 ga, 16 ga, and 12ga. There was also a 220P and a 220AC. These were simply regular shotguns that had factory installed Polly Choke for the “P”, or Savage Accura Choke for the “AC”.

What’s the average price of a savage shotgun?

With dozens of models available, the price of Savage Arms shotguns for sale can vary greatly. The 212 and 220 Slug Gun can be purchased for around $500 to $600, or more, but other Savage models can be found in different price ranges.