Is the Marlin model 80 a good gun?

Is the Marlin model 80 a good gun?

Its a nice solid rifle and in beautiful condition and only $75 which is why I picked it up in the first place. Along with the other info it has S-L-LR stamped on the barrel. As far as I know any rimfire with a clip will only accept . 22 long rifle ammo.

When was the Marlin model 80 made?

The Model 80 was first introduced in 1941. From the description of your rifle, it was made sometime between 1960 and when you purchased it in 1967. The Model 80 was then made up to 1971. In 1967, the Model 80 sold new for $39.95.

Does Marlin still make 39A?

The Marlin 39A represents the oldest and longest continuously produced shoulder firearm in the world. The current variation gold trigger lever-action . 22 Caliber Golden 39A is produced by the Marlin Firearms Co. of New Haven, Connecticut….Marlin Model Golden 39A.

Marlin Model 39A
Mass 6.5 lbs
Length 40 in
Barrel length 24 in

Is the Marlin Model 80 a magazine fed rifle?

The Marlin Model 80 & 81 series of rifles are some very accurate bolt action .22 rifles. These rifles could be had in either magazine or tube fed versions. Barrels with the Marlin infamous “Micro-Groove Rifling” were some really accurate firearms.

When did the Marlin 80 DL come out?

Marlin made the Model 80DL beginning in 1941 ending in 1964. This rifle is designed to shoot .22 Short, Long & Long Rifles cartridges and has a 7 round detachable magazine. The DL’s of any bolt action Marlin rifle came equipped with a peep sight and sling swivels.

What makes a Marlin Model 60 more accurate?

Among other things, the Model 60’s accuracy is enhanced by more readily accepting a scope. No knock against the latest runs of the rifle, as they’ll smite the ass of a gnat, but those who’ve been lucky enough to spend time behind an original version understand it was something special.

What kind of cartridge guide does a Marlin rifle use?

Barrels with the Marlin infamous “Micro-Groove Rifling” were some really accurate firearms. I picked up quite a few of these rifles at gunshows, mainly because of one common malady. The cartridge guide would break and was very difficult to replace, so the rifles were sold for cheap.