Is the Remington 514 a single shot rifle?

Is the Remington 514 a single shot rifle?

The 514 is a simple single shot bolt action rifle capable of being taken down for transport or storage with the single bolt in the bottom of the stock. Having no magazine like other models, it has a solid receiver.

What kind of rifle is a Remington 510?

Remington Models 510 and 514 are single shots. I think I would prefer the Remington 511 Scoremaster. I have a Ruger 10/22 and Mag Tec 7022, but I don’t have a bolt action .22 rifle. It would be nice to have a Winchester Model 52, but I just cannot justify the price of those.

Where can I find a Remington Model 521?

If so, look for a Model 521-T. Just this past December, I found a Remington Model 521-T, stamped “The Junior Special” on the barrel, with Lyman #57 receiver sight, at the Fort Worth Cabela’s. It cost me a no-lie $178.99 out-the-door – and I can produce the receipt.

How much does a Remington 514 tack driver cost?

I have a KIDD version of this gun and it is a tack driver. about twice the price of the Ruger but worth every penny. A 514 is about 100 to 150 dollar gun refinished. It was one of the lower end Remingtons. It is not on par with the other 500 series Remingtons. Parts do not interchange either.

What kind of gun is the Remington m514?

Here, and at great risk of offending fans of the piece, I’ll say the M514 might best be described as extremely basic; however, that was Remington’s intent, as the rifle was brought into play to compete with similarly elemental and inexpensive rimfires from Stevens, Savage, and others.

How much does A.22 Remington rifle cost?

Considering you can get a new .22 from Walmart from under $100, it all depends on how badly someone wants your rifle. Answer Auction arms has 1 listed min bid $300.00 buy it now $500.00 also the other guy is wrong on date of production mine was made in 1926.