What are scope mounts called?

What are scope mounts called?

Picatinny Mounts The Picatinny mount is perhaps the most popular type of mounting system for scopes because it has universal, standardized measurements. Due to this, many manufacturers make accessories to fit any Picatinny mount. While Weaver accessories can fit Picatinny rails, there is some play in the fitting.

Where is the best place to mount a scope?

It’s usually best to mount the scope as low on the rifle as possible without the objective bell touching the barrel, and allowing clearance at the eyepiece for free operation of the bolt. Ask a savvy gun shop operator for advice. Most bases and rings are attached with screws by using socket heads or Torx wrenches.

Are all scope mounts the same?

There are a number of very popular scope ring (and bases) manufacturers, and each one offers rings in different heights. But, for the most part, most ring brands offer rings in either a low (also called standard) height or a high height.

How high should a scope be mounted on an AR?

redbullitt Member. 1.5 inch is pretty standard. I have one AR with about 1.375 rings on it and no complaints there either for me fwiw. Any lower and it might be a bit scrunched getting on the scope.

How tight should scope mounts be?

A good rule of thumb is to have the rings as far apart as possible for your particular scope. Once the rings are in the correct location, remove scope, push forward and tighten each ring (the 1/2″ nut) finger tight, using your 65 INCH-POUND torque wrench tighten each nut.

Is it necessary to mount a scope on a rifle?

Scope mounting can seem like a huge undertaking. After all the painstaking research on calibers, shooting platforms and optics … you want to be sure your scope and the bore of your rifle are both pointing at the same target when you head to the range.

What are the different types of scope mounts?

There two different types of Dovetail bases. One is very common on rimfire rifles and the second is more common on centerfire weapons. The rimfire Dovetail mount is a tiny rail that’s designed to fit smaller rings and scopes for lower recoiling armaments.

How do you mount a scope on a rail?

Make sure that the ridge of your ring fits in the rail towards the forward. It is important because when the rifle recoils, the scope thrusts towards the rear. Bear in mind that you have to position the rings with precision otherwise the alignment will be disturbed.

What kind of Mounts do optic rifles use?

There are two different options for optic’s mounts, and both have their pros and cons. The two are one piece mounts and scope rings. Choosing between the two will depend on a few different factors. In some cases, it will just be personal preference. In others, it will be based on how your rifle is set-up.