What kind of gun has a 32 octagon barrel?

What kind of gun has a 32 octagon barrel?

Marlin or Winchester Forend Tip Cap For Octagon Barrel Lever Rifle take a look. looks to have some damage either by fire or storage action does work most parts are there ( as is) vintage.32 octagon barrel wood is hand made and bad could be a fixer upper On Jul-14-13 at 08:34:25 PDT. Seller added the following information: vintage. Non working.

What are the disadvantages of an octagon barrel?

Cost more (at least in 1945). Many think that an octagon barrel present a great deal of beauty, and it is doubtful if the disadvantages would be at all apparent in a heavy barrel, but the cost of making such a barrel today is rather excessive. Because of flats and peaks.

When did cyclinder Moore make the octagon barrel?

OCTAGON BARREL& CYCLINDER D.Moore Model 1861 to 1863 32 cal Rimfire Patent Sept 18. 1860 Cival war period In fare condition.

Why are muzzle loading rifles made in an octagonal shape?

Our old gunsmith makers of muzzle loading rifles almost invariably make their barrels octagonal, or eight sided in shape, most likely because none of them had a modern lathe with which they could turn them truly round, and they found it easier to make the barrel uniform by forging or grinding it into an octagon.

How much does an octagon barrel cost per inch?

It is what we like to refer to as something that is halfway in-between a round barrel and an octagon. Cost is for up to 26″ finished Length, anything over 26″ finished length is $10.00 per inch. Price is for up to a 26″ finished barrel, anything over 26″ finished length is $10.00 per inch.

Why are flintlock rifles made in an octagon shape?

Lastly, flintlock rifles made one at a time by craftsmen usually had octagon barrels. This is because the barrels were filed to shape by hand. It is easier to file an octagon shape than a round shape.