When did Marlin make micro groove barrel?

When did Marlin make micro groove barrel?

On July 29, 1953, Marlin introduced Microgroove rifling in their . 22 rimfire barrels, with 16 grooves that were . 014″ wide, and nominally . 0015″ deep.

What is a micro groove barrel?

“Microgroove” is the trade name Marlin gave to their new multiple groove rifling pattern for their barrels in when they switched to that pattern in the early 1950’s..Marlin did a series or tests and found that a high number of grooves- (12 to 16 instead of a maximum of 8 in most barrels) gave less distortion and better …

Who designed the Marlin 1895?

He brought with him an excellent reputation both as a competitive marksman and a rifle designer. Hepburn secured some 20 patents during his 30-year career at Marlin. The Model 1895 was chambered in a variety of large-bore black powder cartridges of the day, including the . 38-56, .

What is a Ballard barrel?

Joined Feb 4, 2006. 298 Posts. #4 ยท Mar 5, 2012. Actually “Ballard rifling” and “Microgroove” describes the PROCESS of rifling a barrel. Ballard is single cut using a hook pulled through the barrel and Microgroove is button rifling.

When did marlin start using micro groove rifling?

In 1956, Marlin also incorporated its proprietary Micro-Groove rifling system into the Model 336 and other centerfire Marlin rifles. This rifling system, which used an increased number of relatively shallow rifling grooves, cut down production time and significantly extended the service life of machine tooling. [4]

What is the Micro Groove system on Marlin Model 336?

According to Marlin, the Micro-Groove system provides very uniform bore dimensions and a very smooth bore finish designed to improve accuracy, prevent gas leakage, and reduce bore fouling. The Model 336 is designed to be easily disassembled for cleaning.

What kind of barrel does a Marlin 336 have?

336Y: Chambered in .30-30 Winchester, the youth model of the Marlin Model 336 has a blued receiver and a 16.25-inch blued barrel. All current production variants of the Marlin 336 have cut checkering on the stock, a hammer block safety, and feature their proprietary Micro-Groove rifling.

When did the Marlin 1894 microgroove barrel come out?

In 1969 the .44 Magnum was used to re-introduce the Model 1894. Ten years later the .357 Magnum was added to the 1894 line. This easy-handling carbine was also made with Microgroove rifling. In this case it had 12 grooves, each of which was .055″ wide and .003″ deep, and had a 1 in 16″ twist.