Which state has the best hunting?

Which state has the best hunting?

Sometimes only residents of the state are permitted to apply for the draws.

  1. Alaska. Alaska is one of the best states for both fishing and hunting.
  2. Montana. Another beautiful state and popular for hunting is Montana.
  3. Idaho.
  4. South Dakota.
  5. North Dakota.
  6. Wisconsin.
  7. Minnesota.
  8. Wyoming.

What is the best state for big bucks?

Boone and Crockett’s Top Whitetail States

  • #1 – Wisconsin. Wisconsin is the #1 ranked state with 1,822 total entries and six counties in the top 20 U.S. counties with the most records produced.
  • #2 – Illinois.
  • #3 – Iowa.
  • #4 – Minnesota.
  • #5 – Ohio.
  • #6 – Kentucky.
  • #7 – Missouri.
  • #8 – Kansas.

What’s the biggest buck ever killed?

What’s more, the Brewster buck is also now the largest whitetail ever killed by a hunter anywhere in the world, topping Stephen Tucker’s 47-point Tennessee monarch , a Nov. 2016 buck that scored 312 0/8 inches.

Which is the best state for deer hunting?

Mississippi tops the list at almost 40 deer per square mile, but Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan all show an average of more than 30 deer per square mile. Indiana, Alabama, South Carolina and Kentucky all have 23 or more deer per square mile.

Where is the best place to hunt bears in California?

Mendocino, Ventura, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara Counties have produced the state’s biggest bears, and while regulations on bear hunting in California are stricter than in other states (both hound hunting and lead ammunition are banned), there are good opportunities to kill a book bruin there. 4.

Are there any big game hunts in Wyoming?

Draws odds are slim, but there are lots of antelope in these areas and plenty of public land. Lack of rain will likely prevent this from being a record year, says Jeff Obrecht of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department (307-777-4600; wgfd.wyo.gov ). “Some areas had good snows in April, but most of the state is dry.”

Which is the best hunting destination in the world?

South Africa is the destination to be for hunters seeking ‘luxury and that something extra’ while on a hunt. It is easily accessible from all over the world thus making it a preferred hunting destination.