Who makes Western Field?

Who makes Western Field?

The original gun was made by Fabrique National of Belgium and was sold as a Browning Auto-5. Others were made by Remington Arms Company and sold as their Model 11. Savage and Stevens Arms company got the rights to make the gun . Depending on the details of the gun it could be a Savage Model 30.33 or 35.

Did Montgomery Ward sell guns?

Into the 1980s, many retailers sold high quality firearms that were rebranded under license from major manufacturers. Montgomery Ward carried a line of firearms under the Western Field brand that were made by Savage/Stevens, Mossberg, Marlin, Glenfield, Springfield, High Standard and others.

Who made Wards Western Field rifles?

Who sold Western Field rifles?

They were first introduced in 1904 and were sold with the Stevens name and also rebranded for the major catalog retailers like Montgomery Ward’s Western Field line. In 1920 Savage bought Stevens and continued to produce the model 520 for a number of years.

Are there still Montgomery Ward Western field guns?

Montgomery Ward ‘Western Field’: Bargain buys of yore still good today. Like the JC Higgins and Glendfields from the other major catalog companies, the Montgomery Wards’ “Western Fields” brand was stamped on guns made by some of the biggest names in the U.S. firearm industry – Savage, Mossberg and Marlin to *name a few.

Is the Montgomery Ward 520 the same as the 620?

The exterior of the 520 was redesigned to have a more “modern” look and was designated the 620. They are the same internally. There were also around 35,000 of these made for the U.S. military during WWII in the trench gun style. There is one big thing that sets the 520 apart from most other pump shotguns.

Where is the push button on a Montgomery Ward?

WersternField Montgomery Ward M550ABD 12ga. Who is the original maker and what series is it. I believe that from the info that I found, it is a Mossberg. But is it a 500 or a 550? On the left hand side of the trigger, just behind the trigger, is a push button. What is this? I know that it is not the safety, that’s located on the top.

When did I buy my first western field rifle?

I also have a Westernfield 30.30 mod 740-A .It was manufactured by Marlin for Montgomery Ward in 1964. My dad bought it for me in 1965, my first rifle.