Are Dan Wesson pistols worth the money?

Are Dan Wesson pistols worth the money?

You won’t find a better functioning 1911 on the market. Custom guns will have more hand fitting and may “look cooler” but they won’t necessarily function better than a DW or Les Baer. So yes I think Dan Wesson is “worth it” considering you could pay 5X more and get a gun that doesn’t do anything markedly better.

Do Dan Wesson 1911 hold their value?

Colt 1911 Despite the age of the design, the 1911 has stood up well to the test of time, and remains an immensely popular favorite among shooters of all levels. Colt lists the MSRP of 1911 Governments at $899, and Gunbroker had quite a few in the $850 range, meaning these guns do tend to keep their value.

How much does a Dan Wesson 357 Magnum cost?

The Dan Wesson revolver chambered for the 357 Magnum can have barrel lengths of 2.5″, 4″, 6″, 8″, or 10″. It is a stainless steel 6 shot with a full length ejector shroud. Add $50 for 4 in., $90 for 6 in., $150 for 8 in., or $190 for 10 in. barrel. Add 20% to 30% to the Blue Book values for retail prices.

What’s the serial number on a Dan Wesson Magnum?

The barrel says Dan Wesson arms 357 magnum CTG and the frame Dan Wesson arms monsoon mass USA and the serial number 151827. This is all he has is the Gun. I’m trying to figure out the value and if that is the right model number.

What kind of gun does Dan Wesson make?

In late 1990, ownership of Dan Wesson Arms changed (within the family), and the new company was renamed Wesson Firearms Co., Inc. – .357 Mag. cal., 6 shot, service revolver, 2 ½, 4, or 6 in. interchangeable barrels with “pork chop” shroud, fixed sights, blue, interchangeable grips, external, exposed barrel nut. Mfg. 1970-71 only. Monson.

How much is a Dan Wesson 715 Magnum worth?

Yours is a great looking 715 and an heirloom piece! I see them selling between 600-700 and occasionally more, and worth every penny. The original box is a plus.