Does Wikipedia actually need money?

Does Wikipedia actually need money?

The website is run entirely by a team of around 250 employees and over 250,000 global volunteers. In 20 years, Wikipedia has amassed over 50 million articles in nearly 300 languages. While donations help pay the salaries of its staff members, the volunteers contribute their services to the website for free.

Why does it cost so much to run Wikipedia?

The site is maintained by free unpaid volunteers, and the only expense the site incurs is a few hundred dollars per month in web hosting and bandwidth costs. The rest is pure profit and goes right to the owners. 1. Servers cost: a few hundred per month.

How much does a Wikipedia cost?

The cost to create a Wikipedia account ranges between $250 to $3,000; however, many of its articles may even cost a minimum of $400 to a maximum of $800.

How much money does Wikipedia get in donations?

Wikipedia:Fundraising statistics

Year Source Revenue
2018/2019 PDF $ 120,067,266
2017/2018 PDF $ 104,505,783
2016/2017 PDF $ 91,242,418
2015/2016 PDF $ 81,862,724

How to calculate the cost of running a PC?

If the PC is running 24/7, like you are running Folding @ Home projects or computational workloads, then the number of runtime hours, assuming 30 day months, can be computed as: (24 hours per day) * 30 days = 720 hours The generic equation is this (where WWW = wattage): WWW * # of hours * Cost of electricity = Cost /month

How is the cost of the Olympic Games calculated?

Due to the multitude of reporting methods, the table contains both the operating costs and total final costs (which include various infrastructure upgrades and security costs), known and not estimated. Net loss or gain are measured against the operating budgets.

How much does it cost to run a boat?

Fuel consumption is one of the most variable figures as it depends on how you use your boat, but Nick managed to get 62 engine hours of boating in last year by burning just under 740 litres of diesel. Based on an average red diesel price of £1.37/litre, that’s a total cost of £1,000 on fuel and around £6,000 per year running costs overall.

How much does it cost to run my PC 24 / 7?

In the past, I had speculated that running my PC 24/7 may cost about 10 dollars per month. However, with increasing fuel/electricity prices, it may surprise you. Using simple readily available equipment that some of you may already own, I was able to reasonably measure the actual power consumption during run-time.

How much money is wikipedia worth per year?

In the end Band and Gerafi conclude that the website is worth “tens of billions of dollars” and has a replacement cost of $6.6 billion dollars. For context, it costs the site $25 million each year to run. And for comparison, Twitter’s recent IPO announcement has their company valued at about $12.8 billion.

How much money would it cost to replace wikipedia?

They looked at what other sites that get similar traffic are worth, how much people would be willing to pay for Wikipedia if it weren’t free, and how much it would cost to replace the site. In the end Band and Gerafi conclude that the website is worth “tens of billions of dollars” and has a replacement cost of $6.6 billion dollars.

How much money does the Wikimedia Foundation spend?

The Wikimedia Foundation’s 2014-2015 Annual Plan clarifies that the total operating budget calls for $58.5 million in spending, including $8.2 million in spending allocated for grants. These grants are spent in growing the community and content, although it doesn’t state the exact places that this money is spent.

What are the sources of expense for Wikipedia?

The sources of expense include: Support to website: These include server costs, ongoing engineering improvements costs, product development costs, design and research costs, and legal support costs. Awards & Grants: These include costs relating to ongoing engineering improvements, product development, design and research, and legal support.