What does the New Hampshire state flag look like?

What does the New Hampshire state flag look like?

The background of New Hampshire’s flag is blue. The text, circle around the seal and the wreath and stars are gold. The state seal is various colors, including red, gold, blue, green and white.

Why is the New Hampshire flag blue?

The 1909 flag law provided for a blue background bearing the state seal in the centre, framed by a wreath of laurel with nine stars interspersed, signifying the rank of New Hampshire as the ninth state to ratify the U.S. Constitution.

What is New Hampshire’s flag called?

New Hampshire’s state flag features the state seal with the frigate Raleigh surrounded by laurel leaves and nine stars against a field of blue. New Hampshire did not officially adopt a state flag until 1909.

How old is the New Hampshire flag?

New Hampshire did not officially adopt a state flag until 1909. Prior to that, New Hampshire had numerous regimental flags to represent the state. The flag has only been changed once, in 1931 when the state’s seal was modified. The body of the flag is blue.

What boat is on the NH state flag?

Historic Warship Honored. The frigate Raleigh, built at Portsmouth in 1776, as one of the first 13 warships sponsored by the Continental Congress for a new American navy, became the centerpiece of the 1931 seal.

What state is the Don’t Tread on Me flag from?

For historical reasons, the Gadsden flag is still popularly flown in Charleston, South Carolina, the city where Christopher Gadsden first presented the flag and where it was commonly used during the revolution, along with the blue and white crescent flag of pre-Civil War South Carolina.

What is New Hampshire’s nickname?

The Granite State
New Hampshire/Nicknames

Who designed the flag of New Hampshire?

Ken Morton
New Hampshire state flag proposed by Ken Morton. My original design had a blue field with thirteen stars set within a cross of Saint George, symbolizing both New Hampshire’s status as one of the original thirteen states, and its history as one of the colonies of New England.

What does Don’t Tread on Me stand for?

The tread in Gadsden’s defiant phrase, don’t tread on me, means “to step, walk, or trample so as to press, crush, or injure something.” And so, with its tongue flicked, fangs out, and body coiled in defense, the rattlesnake (and motto) warns: “If you dare put your foot down on me, I will strike.”

What kind of flag does New Hampshire have?

The flag of the state of New Hampshire consists of the state seal centered on a blue background. A 2001 internet poll run by the North American Vexillological Association ranked New Hampshire state flag’s design as 63rd out of 72 flags of U.S. states and U.S. territories ), and provinces and territories of Canada.

What is the state seal of New Hampshire?

The state of New Hampshire has held two seals since it declared its independence from Great Britain on January 5, 1776. While both seals have been retained, most people are only familiar with the Great Seal due to its corporate use. New Hampshire’s state seal depicts the frigate USS Raleigh and is surrounded by a laurel wreath with nine stars.

Is the flag salute acceptable in New Hampshire?

“The fact that most individuals agree with the thrust of New Hampshire’s motto is not the test; most Americans also find the flag salute acceptable,” Burger wrote. The Supreme Court concluded that the state’s interests paled in comparison to individuals’ free expression rights.

What is the motto of the state of New Hampshire?

“Live Free or Die” on the New Hampshire state quarter. “Live Free or Die” in the state emblem. “Live Free or Die” is the official motto of the U.S. state of New Hampshire, adopted by the state in 1945.

What is the state flag of New Hampshire?

Flag of New Hampshire. Written By: U.S. state flag consisting of a dark blue field (background) with the state seal in the centre. The seal of New Hampshire was adopted in 1784 following the Revolutionary War.

Why is the New Hampshire flag at half staff?

Flag Status The decision to fly the State’s flag at half-staff rests with the Governor. This page is updated per the Governor’s directive. If you would like to receive an email notice when the Governor directs the US and State flags to be flown at Half-Staff… Sign up to receive Flag Status Alerts

What does the nine stars on the New Hampshire flag mean?

The wreath is an ancient symbol of fame, honor, and victory. The nine stars inside the wreath indicate that New Hampshire is the ninth state to join the union.

What does the New Hampshire state seal stand for?

The seal is surrounded by a laurel wreath. The wreath is an ancient symbol of fame, honor, and victory. The nine stars within the wreath show that New Hampshire was the ninth state to join the Union. The water stands for the harbor of Portsmouth, and in the yellow-colored spit of land is granite, a strong igneous rock,…