What is self inductance example?

What is self inductance example?

Since self-inductance is associated with the magnetic field produced by a current, any configuration of conductors possesses self-inductance. For example, besides the wire loop, a long, straight wire has self-inductance, as does a coaxial cable.

What is meant by self inductance and mutual inductance?

Self inductance is the characteristic of the coil itself. Mutual inductance is the characteristic of a pair of coils. The induced current opposes the decay of current in the coil when the main current in the coil decreases.

What is self induction Ncert?

It is defined as the induction of a voltage in a current-carrying wire, solenoid, conductor when the current in the wire itself is changing. In the case of self-inductance, the magnetic field that is created by fluctuating or changing the current in the circuit induces a voltage.

Where is self inductance used?

The self-inductance of a circuit is used to describe the reaction of the circuit to a changing current in the circuit, while the mutual inductance with respect to a second circuit describes the reaction to a changing current in the second…

What are the applications of self inductance?

The applications of self-inductance include the following.

  • Tuning circuits.
  • Inductors used as relays.
  • Sensors.
  • Ferrite beads.
  • Store energy in a device.
  • Chokes.
  • Induction motors.
  • Filters.

What is 12th inductance?

It is the current production in a coil due to change in magnetic flux in itself or new coil. Whenever there is a coil, and you have a change in magnetic flux or change in magnetic field, an induced emf is generated in that coil or wire. This very property is inductance.

What is self inductance used for?

How to calculate self inductance?

In the manual calculation, Self inductance of the coil can be found by dividing the flux of magnetic field by current in the circuit, but instead the same calculation can be done using self inductance calculator using magnetic flux.

What is the dimensional formula for self inductance?

The dimensional formula of self inductance, [L]= [I][BA]…… (1) Force, f = qvB

What affects the inductance of an inductor?

Factors affecting inductance There are four basic factors of inductor construction determining the amount of inductance created. NUMBER OF WIRE WRAPS, OR “TURNS” IN THE COIL: All other factors being equal, a greater number of turns of wire in the coil results in greater inductance; fewer turns of wire in the coil results in less inductance.

What are the characteristics of inductance?

an inductor is basically a coil of wire that surrounds a magnetic or nonmagnetic material called the core.

  • the length and the cross-sectional area of the core are factors in setting the value of inductance.
  • Winding Resistance.
  • Winding Capacitance.