What is the ideal elk cartridge?

What is the ideal elk cartridge?

Want the ideal elk cartridge? Look to something that fires a 7mm or bigger heavy-for-caliber projectile at around 3,000 fps. Best bullets are the 7mm 155- to 175-grainers, and the . 30-caliber 180- to 200-grainers.

Is 6.5 Creedmoor good for youth?

For youth hunters, user-friendly recoil, minimal shot report, and light weight are the name of the game, and all these calibers fit the bill. At the larger end of the spectrum, the 6.5 Creedmoor features a great recoil-to-power ratio that keeps shoulders bruise-free while ensuring a quick, clean kill.

Can kids shoot a 6.5 Creedmoor?

I’d 100% put one or the other on either caliber for any kid of mine shooting either caliber. Any 6.5 caliber or smaller (down to . 223) will be great for a kid, as long as it’s configured properly for the individual child.

Can a 270 kill an elk?

270 Winchester will kill an elk with a perfect broadside shot.

Can a 350 Legend kill a bear?

350 Legend-specific bullets. With a tough bullet this rifle will be perfect for hogs out to moderate ranges, and this cartridge will make an excellent option for hunting black bears over bait. It’ll also serve well as a low-recoil varmint and predator gun, and it’s the ideal first rifle for a new hunter.

Which is the best cartridge for elk hunting?

In essence, good elk cartridges drive tough, heavy bullets of healthy diameter, and drive ’em fast. Big cartridges provide forgiving margins of error. That’s why I like 7mm and .30-caliber magnums with tough, heavy bullets, and why I consider an elk hunter toting a .338 magnum a wise man.

How big of a bullet do you need for an elk?

Since elk are often spotted and hunted at distance in wide-open country, a cartridge capable of maintaining velocity and energy up to at least 350 yards is ideal. As bullet designs and factory loads have drastically improved over the last few decades, some of the favorite cartridges on this list have only gotten better.

What’s the name of the Remington Elk cartridge?

A wildcatter’s dream, the .280 Ackley Improved was developed by P.O. Ackley from Fred Huntington’s .280 RCBS Improved by adding a 40-degree shoulder in the late 1950s. The result was a cartridge that offered 300 fps more than Remington’s factory SAAMI-spec .280 load, and has since proven itself on large game at considerable distances.

Which is the best 6.5mm ammunition for elk?

Great 6.5mm elk bullets: Hornady 143-grain ELD-X; Nosler 140-grain Partition; Swift 130-grain Scirocco II; Barnes 127-grain LRX. Bullet weight: 140 grs. With the right bullet, a .270 will put down any bull walking the earth today. Ammunition can be found at every small-town hardware store across America.