What kind of bombs does B-52 carry?

What kind of bombs does B-52 carry?

The conventional weapons payload includes eight AGM-84 Harpoon missiles, four AGM-142 Raptor missiles, 51,500lb bombs, 301,000lb bombs, 20 AGM-86C conventional air-launched cruise missiles (CALCM), 12 joint stand-off weapons (JSOW), 12 joint direct-attack munitions (JDAM) and 16 wind-corrected munitions dispenser (WCMD …

Why is the B-52 called buff?

Early in its eventful life, the B-52 was given the affectionate nickname “BUFF,” which some say stands for Big Ugly Fat Fellow. The B-52’s stunning longevity is matched or exceeded by its versatility.

What is the payload of a B-52?

70,000 lbs
B-52 Technical Specifications

Primary Function Heavy bomber
Fuel Capacity 312,197 lbs
Payload 70,000 lbs (31,500 kg)
Speed 650 mph (Mach 0.86)
Range 8,800 mi (7,652 nautical miles)

Are B-52 bombers still in service?

After more than a half-century in service, the B-52 is still flying around the world, often making non-stop, round-trip flights. Those long-range missions are a testament to the bomber’s longevity, but they’re also preparation for growing strategic competition with powerful adversaries.

What are B-52 bombers used for?

The Boeing B-52 Stratofortress is a long-range, subsonic, jet-powered strategic bomber, which can carry up to 32 tonnes of bombs. The bombers first flew during the Cold War and played a key role in toppling the Taliban from power in late 2001, according to Arab News.

Why do B-52 engines smoke?

USAF Boeing B-52 Stratofortress with black smoke from engines after take-off and undercarriage retracting. The Air Force wants the new engines to be quieter and cheaper to operate. US Air Force Sr. Airman Raymond Gomez jots notes near a row of TF-33 engines, 21 September 2007 at Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana.

Does the B-52 have a toilet?

In the B-52, a small urinal is located behind the offense compartment, according to photos featured on Popular Science. A B-52 typically has two pilots, a weapons officer and an electronic warfare officer, but can have up to five crew, according to the Air Force.

Which is bigger B-52 vs b36?

The Peacemaker was immense, according to a fact sheet from the National Museum of the Air Force: Its wingspan was 230 feet (compared to 185 feet for a B-52), the B-36 was 162 feet long (compared to just over 159 feet for the B-52), and it could carry up to 86,000 pounds of bombs, according to aviation historian Joe …

How many b52 were shot down in Vietnam?

Thirty-three B-52 crew members were killed or missing in action, another 33 became prisoners of war, and 26 more were rescued. Over 11 days, North Vietnamese air defenses fired 266 SA-2 missiles downing—according to North Vietnam—34 B-52s and four F-111s.

What kind of plane was the B-52 bomber?

X-15 launched from B-52 North American Aviation X-15 rocket-powered plane being air-launched from a Boeing B-52 bomber. Flights of the experimental X-15 in the 1960s set unofficial altitude and speed records for piloted aircraft and contributed to the development of the U.S. crewed spaceflight program. NASA

What was the B 52 Stratofortress used for?

Built to carry nuclear weapons for Cold War-era deterrence missions, the B-52 Stratofortress replaced the Convair B-36. A veteran of several wars, the B-52 has dropped only conventional munitions in combat. The B-52’s official name Stratofortress is rarely used; informally, the aircraft has become commonly referred to as the BUFF

What kind of targeting pod does a B 52 bomber use?

During Operation Iraqi Freedom in April 2003, B-52 was fitted with the Northrop Grumman Litening II laser targeting pod, which was used to strike targets in Northern Iraq. In 2007, the USAF began fitting Litening to the B-52 fleet. The B-52 is fitted with the Lockheed Martin Sniper ATP advanced targeting pod.

How is the Boeing B-52 Stratojet similar to the B-47?

The B-52 shared many technological similarities with the preceding Boeing B-47 Stratojet strategic bomber. The two aircraft used the same basic design, such as swept wings and podded jet engines, and the cabin included the crew ejection systems.