What kind of rifle is Mossberg model 151m?

What kind of rifle is Mossberg model 151m?

The Mossberg model 151m, for instance, is an older-style auto-loading rifle chambered for the .22LR round. As with any firearm, it is important that you know how to disassemble the 151m for maintenance and repair if needed.

Is the Mossberg 151k a curio or relic?

OR- put it up for sale, make a Mossberg collector happy (these are eligible for Curio & Relic status) take money, buy a new rifle. PS- the feed system catches the rim of the next round to load, holds it, and when action operates, FLICKS the round into the chamber.

What was the serial number of an early Mossberg rifle?

Early Model K, L, M and S rifles did have a serial number, as did the .22 training rifles made for the military (44US) and British Lend-Lease guns (42MB).

When was the Mossberg 22 LR rifle made?

But them old mossbergs are all deadly accurate and ultral reliable to a fault. First, scrap the 22 mag conversion idea. 22 WMR and 22 LR not only have different cartridge size, but different bullet diameter- would need to replace barrel- and different operating pressures- action would not handle- and these only made in 1950-51.

Is the Mossberg 22 LR a good rifle?

Link for some good info and pics on Mossberg 22s: Mossberg 22 LR Models and Specifications These had one shortcoming- many of them have stocks that are broken at the wrist. Other than that, pretty darned accurate 22, in the hunting rifle category. Would strip it down, carefully and thoroughly clean the bore with a good bronze brush and solvent.

How much does a Mossberg 151k Turkey Shoot Shotgun cost?

Just recently there was a nice shotgun for sell it was set up for .673″ turkey shoots it has a 36″ barrel that was .673″ bore dia all the way it was groved and even had a decent Nikon Buckmaster scope on it and was painted nice to boot. The guy wanted $350 he took $300 and the effing guy that bought it turned around and won $700 with it that night.