What kind of rifle is the 1894 Winchester?

What kind of rifle is the 1894 Winchester?

*Classic 1894 Model, made in 1899, rare collectible Octagon 26 inches Nickel Steel Barrel, Cresent Buttplate. Winchester, Model 1894, Cal. .30-30 Win. WINCHESTER RCMP MEMBERS MODEL . New and unfired in the original box complete with paperwork this rifle has never been cycled and still has the original grease on the receiver.

What was the Winchester Model 94 lever action?

When the Winchester Model 1894 lever action was introduced, it was chambered in .38-55. The other famous Winchester cartridges for the Model 94, the .25-35, .30-30 and .32 Special, are all based on a necked-down .38-55 case.

When did the Winchester 38 55 rifle come out?

The .38-55 (.38 caliber bullet / 55 grains of black powder) was introduced in 1884 for the Ballard single shot target rifle and it quickly became popular as both a match round and a hunting cartridge.

What was the Winchester Model 94 legendary frontiersmen?

Chuck Hawks reviews the Winchester Model 1894 Legendary Frontiersmen Commemorative .38-55 Rifle. Winchester Model 94 Legendary Frontiersmen .38-55 Rifle By Chuck Hawks Promotional photo showing Winchester Legendary Frontiersmen with box.

When did the US Army buy the Model 1894 carbine?

The old standby 30 W.C.F., also known as the “30-30” (30 caliber bullet with 30 grains of powder) has killed more North American big game than any other cartridge and still remains popular to this day. The U.S. Army purchased 1,800 Model 1894 carbines on December 29, 1917 to help guard strategic defense industries in the Pacific Northwest.

What was the first Winchester rifle ever made?

Based on a John M. Browning patent, Model 1894 was the most successful centerfire rifle Winchester ever produced. This model is still in production. Values given here reflect those rifles produced before 1964, or around serial number 2550000. Model 1894 was the first Winchester developed especially for the smokeless po

What’s the price of a Winchester Model 1892?

$ 2,775. Winchester Model 1892 Rifle .38 WCF (.38-40) caliber 24″ octagon barrel with “Manufactured By The Winchester Repeating Arms Co. New Haven. Conn.