What kind of rifle is the Marlin xs7?

What kind of rifle is the Marlin xs7?

Six months after the rifle’s introduction, Marlin rolled out a wood-stocked version; that was soon followed by one with a camo stock. Last fall, I took a prototype short-action rifle, dubbed the XS7, on a Carmen whitetail and aoudad hunt in the Trans Pecos region of Texas.

Which is the cheapest Marlin bolt action rifle?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a cheap rifle, if it is the right cheap rifle. The Marlin XL7 and XS7, recently rechristened the X7, are a couple of the best values on the gun rack, and the line continues to grow.

Is there a detachable magazine on the Marlin X7?

The X7 does not support a detachable magazine or floor plate. With a ‘blind magazine’, it is a pure top-loader, so there is plenty of room to press a maximum of four rounds in from the top. To unload, every round has to be individually extracted by cycling the bolt.

Which is better the Marlin X7 or the AR-15?

The cycling of ammunition was smooth, and there were no faults with the feeding from the blind magazine. To sum up, the Marlin X7 has the feel of a budget rifle, largely b ecause of the low-cost stock, but once lifted to the shoulder, it certainly performs a lot better than one.

Is the 308 Marlin Express a lever action rifle?

Marlin has come out with the 308 Marlin Express. The 308 Marlin Express has ballistics that are comparable to the .308 Winchester. This means we know have a lever action rifle capable of reaching out and touching that buck at 400 yards.

Which is the best 308 rifle on the market?

Also, the .308 Winchester is compatible with a wide variety of rifles. So much so that it is tough to pin down the best 308 rifles. From bolt action rifles to AR-10s, the .308 Winchester is one of the most versatile cartridges out there. So which is the best .308 rifle on the market? This is undoubtedly a difficult question to answer.

Which is the best Marlin bolt action rifle?

The 7mm-08 is a great round that really realizes its potential with handloads, and with the ever-expanding options in bullet weights, the .243 is a varmint and predator powerhouse as well as a great medium big-game round. All the theoretical cartridge and rifle talk aside, the Marlin bolt gun handles like a champ in the field and on the range.