What kind of rifle is the Stevens crack shot?

What kind of rifle is the Stevens crack shot?

The .22 caliber bore has been relined when the rifle was refinished. The top of the barrel is marked J. STEVENS ARMS COMPANY. PAT. APR. 22, 1913. and CHICOPEE FALLS, MASS, U.S.A .22- LONG RIFLE.

What kind of rifle is a crack shot?

Description: This is a Stevens Crack Shot model 26 .22 cal single shot rifle with an 18″ barrel. It is a “take down” model with a rolling block action. The Crack-Shot was manufactured from 1912 – 1939.

When did the Stevens crack shot 26 come out?

The Stevens single shot actions were introduced in the 1890’s and have been popular with shooters since that period. This Stevens Crack Shot-26 model has a round barrel, the breech block is squared with flat sides, the take down knob is knurled.

When was the Smith and Wesson crack shot 26 made?

Got One to Sell? Manufactured circa 1911 to 1930. Blade front and adjustable sporting rear sights on a barrel marked with the two line Stevens Arms address, caliber, and 1913 patent date information ahead of the rear sight. The left side of the receiver is marked “CRACK SHOT-26”, along with a circled “SVG” logo.

What are the parts of a Stevens Crackshot 22?

Extractor ORIGINAL for the Stevens 26 Crackshot .22 rifle. This is a quality ORIGINAL part… Extractor for the Stevens Crackshot. This is a reproduction part and is for the Model 16 Crackshot… Side lever ORIGINAL for Stevens Crackshot 22 rifle. This is later version of the Crack Shot rifle… Finger Lever ORIGINAL Stevens Crackshot.

When did the j.stevens rifle come out?

It pre dates 1916 as it still bears the J. Stevens Arms & Tool Company logo. If it was a model 1915 it would say model 1915 on the upper tang and the address on the barrel would read J. Stevens Arms Co. You’ll need to remove the butt stock and look inside of it to determine if it’s an 1889 or 1894 model.