What style is Wake Me Up Before You Go Go?

What style is Wake Me Up Before You Go Go?

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

“Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go”
Genre Dance-pop
Length 3:50
Label Columbia Epic
Songwriter(s) George Michael

Why did Wham write Wake Me Up Before You Go Go?

This whole song came about as the result of a mistyped note. What actually happened was that Andrew Ridgeley, one half of Wham!, written a note to his parents. In the note, he was asking that they wake him up from sleep before leaving the house. However, in writing the note, he accidentally repeated the “up” twice.

Is Wham a one hit wonder?

Suffice to say, Wham! was not a one-hit wonder. Their first single under their new label was “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.” Enough people were into that sort of thing in the mid-’80s to make Wham! a global sensation, rivaling Culture Club for the mantle of Britain’s most popular pop act of the ’80s.

When did bring me to life come out?

Bring Me to Life/Released
“Bring Me to Life” is a song by American rock band Evanescence, recorded for their debut studio album, Fallen (2003). Wind-up released it as the lead single from the album on April 7, 2003. The track was written by group members Amy Lee, Ben Moody, and David Hodges and produced by Dave Fortman.

What year Wham wake me up?

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go/Released

What is the best one hit wonders of all time?

The 50 Best One-Hit Wonders of All Time

  • “Tequila” — The Champs (1958)
  • “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” — The Tokens (1961)
  • “Hey!
  • “Monster Mash” — Bobby “Boris” Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers (1962)
  • “Wipe Out” — The Surfaris (1963)
  • “96 Tears” — Question Mark and the Mysterians (1966)
  • “But It’s Alright” — J.J. Jackson (1966)

What is Wham famous for?

(briefly known in the US as Wham! U.K.) were an English pop duo formed in Bushey in 1981.The duo consisted of George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley. They became one of the most commercially successful pop acts of the 1980s, selling more than 30 million certified records worldwide from 1982 to 1986.

How old is Amy Lee?

39 years (13 December 1981)
Amy Lee/Age

Who features on Bring Me To Life?

This includes the Arkansas nu-metal band’s break-out single “Bring Me To Life,” which hit the Top 10 in over 15 countries in 2003. You’ll likely know the song’s unforgettable chorus: Amy Lee’s vocal soars alongside shouted interjections from Christian rocker Paul McCoy, who was featured on the song.

What killed George Michael’s?

25 December 2016
George Michael/Date of death

Who is the richest one hit wonder?

10 One Hit Wonder Artists Who Are Still Worth Millions

  • 3 Sir Mix-A-Lot – $20 Million.
  • 4 Billy Ray Cyrus – $20 Million.
  • 5 Vanilla Ice – $12 Million.
  • 6 Vicki Lawrence – $8 Million.
  • 7 Sinéad O’Connor – $6 Million.
  • 8 Toni Basil – $5 Million.
  • 9 Bobby McFerrin – $4 Million.
  • 10 Taylor Hicks – $2 Million.

What is Wake Me Up before you go sheet music?

«Wake Me Up Before You Go Go Sheet Music PDF George Michael» for Piano Sheet Music, Scoring Piano / Vocal / Guitar , Original key: C Major, number of pages sheet music PDF: 7, and Lyrics song Wake Me Up Before You Go Go Sheet Music PDF George Michael Free Download. Free Download Wake Me Up Before You Go Go George Michael.

When did George Michael write Wake Me Up Before you Go-Go?

“Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” was written by George Michael and topped the charts worldwide in the 80’s. The pace of this makes it a tricky one to master, good luck! When your lovin’ starts…

When to listen to Wake Me Up before you go Wham?

, last edit on Jul 03, 2020. Are these strumming patterns correct? pretty easy (and fab) song listen to song for timing Wake me up before you go-go Wham!

What are the chords to wake up by Julie and the Phantoms?

These are the chords for the studio version of “Wake Up” by Julie and the Phantoms Cast, Madison Reyes. Was this info helpful? Author moshei24 [a] 102.