What was Tony Blackburn first record on Radio 1?

What was Tony Blackburn first record on Radio 1?

Flowers In The Rain
Former Radio Caroline DJ Tony Blackburn was the first presenter on air. The Move’s “Flowers In The Rain” was the first record played. On 30th Sept 1967, BBC Radio 1 was launched in the UK.

Who is the longest standing Radio 1 DJ?

Annie Nightingale
The legendary Annie Nightingale is BBC Radio 1’s longest running DJ, starting in 1970 as the station’s first ever female presenter. Half a century later and Annie – who turned 80 this year – has joined forces with Nick Grimshaw for a special two hour show in which she discusses five decades behind the decks.

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Who were the original Radio 1 DJS?

This was Radio 1’s smartly-dressed line up when it began in 1967. (Back row l-r) Tony Blackburn, Jimmy Young, Kenny Everett, Duncan Johnson, Robin Scott (the man in charge), David Ryder, Dave Cash, Pete Brady and David Symonds.

What year did Radio 1 start?

September 30, 1967, United Kingdom
BBC Radio 1/Founded

Does Annie Nightingale smoke?

Nightingale – who is in her 50s but declines to give her exact age – said she was taking life easier after staying in hospital after being mugged in Cuba in 1996. As well as vodka, she has now given up smoking.

What is wrong with Annie Nightingale?

While in Havana in 1996, she was injured during a mugging, resulting in multiple injuries requiring an air-lift to a London hospital, since which she has worn the distinctive shades, now part of her image.

Where is the Radio Caroline ship now?

The orginal pirate radio station, Radio Caroline is still broadcasting today, 24/7, on 648AM (East and South East of England), DAB, on mobiles and around the world online at radiocaroline.co.uk Most programming from land-based studios and one weekend a month Radio Caroline North broadcasts live from the studios on …

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Does Annie Nightingale still on Radio 1?

She was the first female presenter on BBC Radio 1 in 1970, and is its longest-serving presenter….Annie Nightingale.

Annie Nightingale CBE
Years active 1963–present
Show Wednesday overnights
Station(s) BBC Radio 1

What was the first song played on Radio 1?

Having found a recording of the opening of Radio 1 I’ve found out that Flowers In The rain was not the first record played it was this one. Category Education Song Beefeaters (From Rediffusion Search For A Star) Artist Johnny Dankworth, Johnny Dankworth Orchestra Licensed to YouTube by

Who was the first Controller of Radio 1?

By 1995 Radio 1 was the first to go digital, launching on DAB that Autumn. Matthew Bannister Radio 1 Controller from 93-98, was famous for attracting a completely new audience to the station. Bannister arrived with a remit to radically shake up Radio 1.

What was the first programme on BBC Radio 1?

BBC Radio 1s First Ever Programme Playlist From 1967 – This Day In Music BBC Radio 1’s first ever programme playlist – The Tony Blackburn show, which was broadcast at 7am on Saturday 30th September 1967. Random article facebook twitter

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When did the first radio station come on the air?

Radio 1 was conceived as a direct response to the popularity of offshore pirate radio stations such as Radio Caroline and Radio London, which had been outlawed by Act of Parliament. Radio 1 was launched at 7:00 am on Saturday 30 September 1967.