When was LinkLine created?

When was LinkLine created?

Bashen is cited across the Internet as the first African American woman to hold a software patent. The invention is LinkLine, software that assists with Web-based EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) investigations. “I came up with the idea in 2001. Not everyone had a cell phone in 2001.

Where was Janet Emerson bashen born?

Mansfield, United Kingdom
Janet Emerson Bashen/Place of birth

How old is Janet Bashen?

64 years (February 12, 1957)
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Janet Rita Emerson Bashen (née Emerson; born February 12, 1957) is an American entrepreneur, business consultant, and software inventor who is best known for patenting a web-based EEO software application, LinkLine, to assist with equal employment opportunity investigations and claims tracking.

What is Janet Bashen famous for?

Janet Emerson Bashen is the founder and CEO of the Bashen Corporation, a private consulting group that investigates Equal Employment Opportunity complaints under Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. She is the first African American woman in the United States to hold a software patent.

What college did Janet Bashen go to?

Harvard University
University of Houston
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Where did Janet Emerson bashen go to school?

Where did Janet Bashen go to school?

Why did Henry Blair invent the corn planter?

Blair’s corn planter resulted in more efficient crop planting and resulted in greater overall yield for farmers. According to an 1836 article from The Mechanics’ Magazine, Blair’s invention was conjectured to “save the labor of eight men.” On August 31, 1836, Blair obtained a patent for his mechanical cotton planter.

What did black inventors invent?

It was there she came up with an industry changing idea that brought more urban residents with limited space into her store.

  • Potato Chips.
  • Gas Mask.
  • Protective Mailbox.
  • Blood Bank.
  • Three-Light Traffic Light.
  • Refrigerated Trucks.
  • Electret Microphone.
  • Automatic Gear Shift.