When was the Savage Fox Model B made?

When was the Savage Fox Model B made?

First produced in 1940 by Savage Arms Company (Savage Arms purchased A.H. Fox Co. in 1929) as an upscale version of the Stevens Model 311, the Fox Model B would be a strong seller for Savage until its discontinuation in 1988. The Fox Model B was offered in 12, 16, 20, & .410 bores with standard barrel lengths of 30, 28,…

When did the Savage b-St BST come out?

In the 1955 catalogue Savage added a Model B-ST which got a non-selective single trigger and a beavertail forearm. The offerings were the same for 1956 thru 1958. By the 1960 catalog the B and the BST got ventilated ribs. There were no changes in the 1961 catalog.

Is there a serial number on Savage Model B?

I was given a Savage Fox Model B. There is no serial number anywhere, but I do have various barrel markings and markings in the breach area. I would like to find out exactly what I have, most importantly the year. I have figured out that I have full and mod. barrels, the gun must be pre 68′ since there is no serial.

What was the price of a Savage Model B shotgun?

Fox Model B – The Fox Model B was added to the 1940 Fox catalog put out by Savage. The retail price was $25. The Model B was offered in 12-, 16-, and 20-gauges and .410-bore, and had a color case-hardened frame. By January 22, 1945, the retail price of the Model B was up to $34.50.

What are the serial numbers on a Savage Fox?

The only markings I can find on the gun are the letters “QR” stamped on each metal part of the gun. Can anyone shed any light on this for me? All Fox Model Bs were made by Savage Arms Corp. After WW-II it appears that for some years Savage did not put serial numbers on their Fox Model B.

When did Savage Arms buy the a.h.fox?

By Chuck Hawks. Savage Arms purchased the A.H. Fox Company in November of 1929. They kept the A.H. Fox gun in production until America’s entry into the Second World War, 1942 being the last year an A.H. Fox retail catalog appeared.