Where are Fox shotguns made?

Where are Fox shotguns made?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
A glimpse into the history of the A.H. Fox Shotgun reveals that they were manufactured in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from 1905 until the early 1930s. Guns manufactured in New Britain will have the same hand finish as the early guns produced in Philadelphia.

How much are Fox shotguns worth?

What is a FOX shotgun Worth? A FOX shotgun is currently worth an average price of $13,012.00 new and $1,051.97 used . The 12 month average price is $13,012.00 new and $1,261.17 used.

Who makes Fox double barrel shotguns?

Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company licensed the use of the A. H. Fox name from Savage and in 1993 began producing A. H. Fox high grade shotguns chambered for 12 and 20 gauge in five different grades. These best quality shotguns are still being made, mostly by hand, to this day.

When did the a.h.fox double barrel shotgun come out?

A. H. Fox double barrel shotgun with serial number 29XXX would be a 12 gauge graded gun made in the late 1920’s. It would not be a field grade, Fox called that model “Sterlingworth”, it would be a graded gun. Graded guns started with the A grade, then B, H, C, X, D and the highest grade F in ascending order of quality and price.

How much does a.h.fox 12 gauge shotgun weigh?

Four different barrel weightswere produced for A. H. Fox graded guns, numbered one through four, and usually marked on the barrels. For 12 gauge, 28″ barrels these were the nominal barrel weights: No. 1 = 4 lbs., No. 2 = 3 lbs. 12 oz., No. 3 = 3 lbs. 8 oz. and No. 4 = 3 lbs. 4 oz.

What’s the serial number on a H Fox shotgun?

Wearing serial number 94763, this classic American double was originally made by the A.H. Fox Gun Co. of Philadelphia in 1923. Action show …Click for more info A H FOX, UTICA, STERLINGWORTH 16 GAUGE. 28″ NUMBER 3 WEIGHT BARRELS, MODIFIED AND FULL (.015 & .025), 2 3/4″ CHAMBERS.

When did the 12 gauge double shotgun come out?

These doubles were mechanically identical and were offered only in 12 gauge. (16 and 20 gauge Fox guns were first listed in 1912.) The amount of engraving, checkering and the quality of the walnut stock and forend separated the various grades.