Can I remove the plug from my shotgun?

Can I remove the plug from my shotgun?

It is not illegal to remove a magazine plug from a shotgun. The plug is not permanent equipment. However, it is illegal to hunt in certain places in certain seasons without the plug in place. It is illegal to HUNT without a plug in most cases.

Why is there a plug in my shotgun?

Magazine plugs A magazine plug, usually made of plastic or wood, is inserted in the tubular magazine and limits the number of shells a shotgun may hold. U.S. federal law requires that a shotgun be limited to a capacity of three (3) shells in total (one in the chamber and two in the…

Can you own a shotgun in Washington State?

Washington residents are permitted to possess a wide array of firearms. Pistols (revolver and semi-auto), rifles, assault rifles and shotguns are all permitted without a license. A license is only required to carry a concealed firearm.

What is the purpose of a plug in a shotgun quizlet?

A magazine plug is usually made of wood and is found in a tubular magazine. It is used to limit the number of shot shells a shotgun can hold.

What is the minimum barrel length for a shotgun in Washington?

18 inches
All shotguns must have a minimum barrel length of 18 inches. Individuals wishing to buy a shotgun from a licensed firearms dealer must be at least 18 years of age.

Can I carry a loaded gun in Washington state?

Open Carry is legal but you must have a valid permit/license to carry a loaded handgun in any vehicle in Washington. This includes cars, buses and trains. You can keep the firearm holstered with empty chamber on your hip in your vehicle (can’t be concealed) but the loaded mag must be removed.

Why is it important to quickly cool down a game animal after it has been harvested?

A hunter’s main concern at this stage is to cool down the game animal; otherwise, there is a good chance that the meat will spoil. Bacteria may start to grow if the meat is not cooled. Start the cooling process by field dressing the game animal as quickly as possible.

Where is it illegal to own a gun in Washington State?

Where You Cannot Possess Firearms. Washington law prohibits firearm possession in a wide array of places for many different reasons. But no matter what the reason, make no mistake, Washington law is not forgiving about taking firearms to any of the following prohibited places: Elementary and Secondary Schools, both Public and Private.

When to replace the plug on a shotgun?

You rationalize the need of more than three shells on a covey rise or when a gaggle of roosters flush out of a milo field in the hopes that a barrage of gunfire knocks down one bird. Forgetting to replace the plug is a dilemma many hunters face after a long off-season of upland hunting where there are no restrictions to the use of a plug.

What is the Revised Code of Washington ( RCW )?

The Revised Code of Washington (RCW) is the compilation of all permanent laws now in force. It is a collection of Session Laws (enacted by the Legislature, and signed by the Governor, or enacted via the initiative process), arranged by topic, with amendments added and repealed laws removed.

Do you need a concealed pistol license in Washington State?

Washington law RCW 9.41.073(1)(b) requires that once a person becomes a resident of Washington he or she must obtain a Washington concealed pistol license to continue carrying a concealed pistol.