Does weapons of mass destruction exist?

Does weapons of mass destruction exist?

There are three types of WMD’s: Biological, Chemical, and Nuclear. While there is only one recorded WMD attack by the Taliban, there is a long history of such methods being used.

What is an example of a weapon of mass destruction?

Weapons of Mass Destruction A weapon of mass destruction (WMD) is something capable of inflicting mass casualties and/or destroying or rendering high-value assets as useless. Although chemical, biological, nuclear, and radiological weapons often serve as examples of WMD, many things can be used as a WMD.

Why did US invade Iraq in 2003?

In March 2003, U.S. forces invaded Iraq vowing to destroy Iraqi weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and end the dictatorial rule of Saddam Hussein. When WMD intelligence proved illusory and a violent insurgency arose, the war lost public support. Saddam was captured, tried, and hanged and democratic elections were held.

Why do terrorists use WMD?

Terrorists and other VNSAs attempt to acquire CBRN or WMD capabilities for a number of reasons. 3 Motives might include not only their inherent capacity to inflict massive numbers of casualties, but also such operational objectives as long-term area denial, or the relative ease of covert delivery.

Are choking agents persistent?

In proper form, these agents can persist for long periods and could deny use of airports, water supplies, bridges, or even highways. These agents often are either production chemicals or first derivatives of chemicals used to produce plastics, pesticides, and fabrics.

Which is an example of a weapon of mass destruction?

Although chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) weapons often serve as examples of WMD, many things can be used as a WMD. This became painfully true during the 9/11 attacks when passenger jets were used as missiles.

Why did the Soviet Union use weapons of mass destruction?

After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, these weapons are readily available for purchase and also due cash – strapped defence, biotechnology, chemical, aerospace and nuclear industries; these ex Soviet Union countries are willing to sell their technology.

Is it possible to make a chemical weapon?

Chemical Weapon. A chemical threat is most likely as the literatures for making a chemical weapon is available in open market and the task can be achieved in a concealed covert laboratory. In case these groups are state- sponsored, then the problem is even simpler of acquiring these agents.

What did the Assyrians use as a weapon of mass destruction?

Historical accounts convey to us that during the 6th century BC the Assyrian’s army was using a chemical agent, rye ergot (a hallucinogen), to poison the drinking wells of enemies. The Tartar’s army is recorded as having purposely provoked an outbreak of plague in 1346 during its siege of the fortified city of Kaffa in the Crimea.