How do you identify an aquamarine stone?

How do you identify an aquamarine stone?

The best way to identify a real aquamarine stone is by looking at its colour. In its natural form, they have a pale blue colour, which is similar to seawater. They may have a slight green or yellow tint as well. Naturally occurring gems have excellent clarity and transparency.

Where can you find the stone aquamarine?

Where is Aquamarine Found? Aquamarine is mainly found in Africa and Brazil, however, the March birthstone can also be mined in Australia, China, Myanmar, Pakistan, Madagascar, Russia, USA and Sri Lanka.

What does an aquamarine rock look like?

Aquamarine, the March birthstone, evokes the colors of the sea. From deep green-blue hues to light, slightly greenish-blue, they are often free from inclusions and as clear as water, symbolizing purity of spirit and soul.

What is the best cut for an aquamarine stone?

The most popular cut of aquamarines is the emerald shape. Many jewelry professionals believe square or rectangle cuts complement the stone best. Princess and pear are also preferred.

What is the best color for an aquamarine stone?

The gem’s most valuable color is a dark blue to slightly greenish blue with moderately strong intensity. In general, the purer and more intense the blue color, the more valuable the stone.

Is aquamarine an expensive stone?

High quality aquamarines are much more expensive. An unheated light blue stone can cost you around $90 per carat, while a light blue-green stone can cost you anywhere between $180 to $240 per carat.

Do aquamarines sparkle?

Yes, it does! One of the biggest USPs of this jewel is that most faceted aquamarines are eye-clean, which means they lack inclusions that can be seen with the naked eye. This not only makes the stone more appealing to look at, but also enhances its sparkle.

Where Did Princess Diana get her aquamarine ring from?

Featuring an emerald cut aquamarine flanked by small solitaire diamonds set in 24-carat yellow gold, the aquamarine was given to the Princess by her friend, Lucia Flecha de Lima, and created into a ring by Asprey in 1996.

How much does a 1 carat aquamarine cost?

Prospective buyers can consult an aquamarine value chart to ascertain aquamarine gem value. As a rough guide, a 1-carat aquamarine would cost approximately $675 per carat and a 2-3 carat aquamarine would be around $1,000 to $1,500 per carat.

Can I wear aquamarine everyday?

Aquamarine: Aquamarine, with its icy blue color, displays a magical aura. With hardness similar to that of the topaz, this sea-blue gemstone is a very good choice for daily wear. Whether it is an official or a casual event, one can never go wrong with aquamarines.

Are there any stock photos of aquamarine stone?

24,012 aquamarine stone stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free.

How can you tell if a gemstone is aquamarine?

The only way to tell them apart is by using a jeweler’s loupe and looking for 2 refraction lights, which is an indicator of blue topaz. Avoid gemstones labeled as “Brazilian Aquamarine” or “Nerchinsk Aquamarine,” since both of these actually refer to blue topaz.

Can a light green beryl be turned into an aquamarine stone?

The Gemstone Aquamarine. Aquamarine ranges in color from a faint light blue to blue and bluish-green, with lighter colored stones being the more common type. Light green Beryl can be transformed into Aquamarine if heated to 750º F (400º C). The green hues in most Aquamarine can also be removed through heat treatment.

What kind of jewelry can you make with aquamarine?

The costs of producing synthetic Aquamarine are very high when compared to the relative abundance of this gem, so synthetic Aquamarine is generally not produced for the gemstone market. Aquamarine is faceted into many cuts. It is a popular stone for rings, earrings, necklaces, and other jewelry forms.

24,012 aquamarine stone stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free.

How to identify a genuine aquamarine gemstone?

Aquamarine gemstones are heat treated to enhance the colours and impress the consistency. Many untreated aquamarines are also available in the market, but they exhibit translucency and opacity to a certain degree. High quality Aquamarine gemstones are identified by their lighter shades, which means they may not have been heat treated.

Where can you find aquamarine gemstone in Africa?

Aquamarine can also be found in other African countries such as Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania and on the gemstone island itself, Madagascar. There is also a concentration of mining sites around Pakistan, India, China and Myanmar (Burma). It was also once mined in Russia but these deposits are long depleted.

Where do they wear the divine stone aquamarine?

At a monastery near the original Espirito Santo Aquamarine mine in Brazil, the monks call the gem the ‘Divine Stone’ and wear it in amulets, recognizing the heavenly blue color’s calming influence during their hours of silence and meditation.