How do you make a shotgun firing pin?

How do you make a shotgun firing pin?

This bolt doesn’t know it yet, but it’s really a shotgun firing pin. After I turned the bolt down to the correct diameter, I did most of the shaping by chucking it in a drill and using files to form it.

What’s the best way to repair a shotgun?

Using a lathe dog on the unthreaded end of the pin, which should be left long, screw it into the hole, setting it up very tightly against the shoulder. When screwing the pin into the hole, oil it with a very thin oil.

How do you repair a press ram shotgun?

Heat the frame to just below the color changing temperature and apply pressure to the pin. If the pin will not start, have someone set a heavy brass block upon the top of the press-ram, then strike it a heavy blow with a heavy hammer, as this will often start a tight pin.

How do you repair a shotgun with a hinge pin?

Lay the barrels upon their side with the lug containing the semicircular cut for the hinge-pin upon a perfectly flat block of steel, and see that the lug lays fiat upon this block, or you may bend it or loosen it from the barrels in the peening operation.

Is the firing pin on the Browning Superposed shotgun broken?

A while back, Dad’s old much-worn but treasured Browning Superposed shotgun gave me trouble at the skeet range. When I dug into it, I discovered the top firing pin had broken.

What’s the best way to temper a firing pin?

For tempering, I heated the pin red hot and quenched it in 30W oil. It’s been doing well for a couple of years now. Homemade firing pin on the right, factory pin on the left. (Photo © Russ Chastain)

Can a broken firing pin block a hammer?

I removed the trigger guard and butt stock, and found part of the broken pin jammed down in front of one of the hammers. Un-good! The arrow shows part of the broken firing pin blocking the hammer. I hate it when that happens! (Photo © Russ Chastain) I definitely had a problem. The broken firing pin.