How do you use the word opine?

How do you use the word opine?

Opine in a Sentence ?

  1. Rather than disagree with my husband in public, I waited until we got home to opine my thoughts on the subject.
  2. Dentists opine flossing is essential for maintaining good dental health.
  3. While one referee felt the kick was good, the other referee chose to opine a different outlook on the play.

What does my opine mean?

intransitive verb. : to express opinions You may opine about anything you want. transitive verb. : to state as an opinion opined that the nominee was not fit to serve on the Supreme Court.

How do you use opined in a sentence?

Opined sentence example

  • I opined to keep Quinn and Martha out of the picture, at least at present.
  • When pressed, they opined only that Brandon Westlake acted more suicidal than threatening but they had been with him for several minutes where Lydia had just arrived.

What does opine mean dictionary?

express an opinion
verb (used with or without object), o·pined, o·pin·ing. to hold or express an opinion.

Can you opine?

opine Add to list Share. The verb opine is used when someone speaks up and expresses an opinion. Whenever you have something to say about a subject, you have the option to opine about it or keep your mouth shut.

What is it called when you give your opinion?

pass. verb. to make a comment or give an opinion, especially in order to criticize someone or something.

Is Opin a word?

OPIN is not a valid scrabble word.

Is Opinioned a word?

having an opinion, especially of a specified kind. obstinate or dogmatic in one’s opinions; opinionated.

What are the synonyms for opinion?

synonyms for opinion

  • idea.
  • impression.
  • judgment.
  • mind.
  • point of view.
  • reaction.
  • sentiment.
  • viewpoint.

What does it mean to form an opinion?

Make up one’s mind or decide what one thinks about something. For example, I need more facts before I can form an opinion about this issue, or Don’t tell me your views; I want to form my own opinion.

What is a synonym for strong opinion?

Some common synonyms of opinion are belief, conviction, persuasion, sentiment, and view.