How does Rainsford feel about the game?

How does Rainsford feel about the game?

When Zaroff congratulates him on winning the game, Rainsford replies, “I am still a beast at bay” (Connell, 15). Rainsford’s comment is significant and reveals that his philosophy on hunting has changed. He now sympathizes with the animals he hunts after experiencing what it is like to be prey.

How does Rainsford feel about hunting at the beginning of the story?

Rainsford finally understands how the animal being hunted feels. At the beginning of the story, he said “who cares” how the hunted animal feels, and now he is feeling it himself. The general believes that the game is over and they can be civilized once again.

How did Rainsford get back to the chateau?

Unsettled that Zaroff found him so quickly, Rainsford runs to another part of the jungle and makes a booby-trap called a Malayan mancatcher to kill Zaroff. One of Zaroff’s hunting hounds springs the trap and plunges to his death, forcing Zaroff to return to the chateau again.

How was Rainsford initially greeted upon arriving at the Chateau on the island?

As nightfall descends on the island, Rainsford sees lights coming from the edge of a high bluff near the sea and discovers that he is looking at a palatial chateau. Rainsford initially believes that he sees a mirage and begins to walk toward the chateau.

How does Rainsford justify killing animals?

explain. i do not think he will remain a hunter because he experienced what it feels like to be hunted like an animal. how does rainsford justify killing animals? general zaroff justify killing men by not thinking of it as murder but thinking that he is one of the strong and he wants to use his gift on the weak.

Who is Rainsford talking to at the beginning of the story?

Whitney is Rainsford’s friend and hunting companion who first introduces Rainsford and the reader to Ship-Trap Island and its ominous reputation as an evil place.

Why does Rainsford start to hunt humans?

Expert Answers At the start of the hunt, Rainsford clearly was appalled by the idea that he would be the hunted. It was one thing to hunt animals, but the idea of hunting a human being was not something he had ever considered.

What is the moral of The Most Dangerous Game?

The primary moral or lesson of the story concerns the distinction between hunting, murder, and self-defense. Sanger Rainsford recognizes that hunting animals and killing someone in self-defense is justifiable and sometimes necessary.

Why did Rainsford jump into the sea?

Rainsford’s fall from the yacht is caused by his lunging for his pipe, which is knocked from his mouth as it strikes a rope after he leaps upon a rail. As he balances himself, his pipe is knocked from his mouth by a rope.

Where did Rainsford stand in the unit test?

It was the shore of the sea. Across a cove he could see the gloomy gray stone of the chateau. Twenty feet below him the sea rumbled and hissed. Rainsford hesitated.

Why does Rainsford see himself as a prey animal?

Rainsford, through these comparisons, begins to see himself in the position of a prey animal. Such a connection helps him empathize with the plight of those he has hunted in the past. This represents a change in frame of mind from the very early parts of the story where he tells his friend Whitney that jaguars “have no understanding.”

Where was Rainsford standing in the second excerpt?

Twenty feet below him the sea rumbled and hissed. Rainsford hesitated. He heard the hounds. Then he leaped far out into the sea. . . . Now read the second excerpt. A man, who had been hiding in the curtains of the bed, was standing there.

What does Rainsford say to Zaroff on Ship Trap Island?

Rainsford will soon experience the position of the jaguar as he is hunted by Zaroff on Ship-Trap island. The brief exchange highlights Rainsford’s outlook on the sport of hunting. He expresses a lack of empathy for the plight of the hunted.