How long is SiriusXM free for?

How long is SiriusXM free for?

Start your FREE 3-month trial now Get every channel available with your subscription, including every premium channel on your radio, plus stream on the SXM App.

How do I use Sirius at home?

Playing SiriusXM on home audio systems—including these popular AV receivers and connected speakers—is so simple….Play SiriusXM Via the DTS Play-Fi™ Platform and App

  1. Download the DTS Play-Fi™ app on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Select More Music from the main menu.
  3. Select SiriusXM and enter your online login.
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Is there a free version of Sirius radio?

Sirius said anyone who’s not already a SiriusXM subscriber can download the SiriusXM app or go to, and start listening free of charge, with no credit card or commitment required.

How can I listen to Sirius on multiple devices?

How do I play SiriusXM on multiple Alexa devices simultaneously?

  1. Associate all Alexa devices to the same Amazon account.
  2. In the Alexa app, select the Devices icon (5th icon at the bottom menu).
  3. Click the Plus sign (Top right corner) and select Add Group.
  4. Type in or select a Group Name.

Does SiriusXM work without Internet?

With SiriusXM streaming, you can listen just about anywhere through the app, on your computer and with an internet connected sound system. It streams SiriusXM from your Android, which requires mobile data or internet service from a provider.

How much data does SiriusXM use in an hour?

If you are using 64kbps You will consume 8KB/s that would add up to 480KB/min and if you are streaming it for let’s say 4 hours a day, it would cost you 112.5 MB/day. That is around 28 MB per hour give or take.

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Can you get SiriusXM for free with a new car?

If you just bought a new car, chances are you have SiriusXM for free for three months. There are also discount programs that can get you free access for a limited period of time. Does Honda have SiriusXM Satellite Radio? Yes. Every manufacturer currently offers a radio with SiriusXM built into its capabilities.

Is the Sirius XM Radio subscription sold separately?

Satellite and Internet Radio subscriptions are sold separately by SiriusXM Radio Inc. See the SiriusXM Customer Agreement at for details. ” not a bad set-up…

Can you play SiriusXM on your home stereo?

Listen to your SiriusXM, XM or Sirius Dock and Play Radio through your home stereo or powered speakers with this Sirius and SiriusXM Dock and Play Home from SiriusXM! Bring your Dock and Play Radio home or take it with you to the office.

Can you get Sirius XM for free with Echo Dot?

SiriusXM is running a special promotion where you can get a free Amazon Echo Dot plus three months of SiriusXm Premier Streaming for just $1. If you were to buy an Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) from Amazon, the Echo would run you about fifty bucks (MSRP).

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