How much does a Winchester 1400 MkII 12 gauge cost?

How much does a Winchester 1400 MkII 12 gauge cost?

I just put a Winchester 1400 MKII 12 gauge on lay-a-way today. Total price out the door will be $322. It is in excellent condition. I know it’s an older gun and I can’t find any info out about it on Winchester’s website. Does anyone know when they stopped producing these? Are they good guns? Is it worth the price I’m paying?

What kind of skeet gun is Winchester 1400?

He won just about every American-style 12 gauge skeet championship possible with his 12 gauge Cutts compensated Winchester 1400. Then again, no one else copied his choice of guns, so that might tell you something.

When did the Winchester Model 1400 pump shotgun come out?

They are the “Timex” of shotguns. Inexpensive to manufacture with little or no handwork. They and the Model 1200/1300 pumps replaced the Model 50/59 and Model 12 in 1964.

Is the Winchester Model 12 12 gauge in good condition?

Winchester Model 12 in great condition. Metal shows typical wear for its age and bluing loss on the right and top of the receiver. The stock has its share of wear but no cracks. SN: 1559114 12 Gauge …Click for more info

What’s the value of a 1400 MkII shotgun?

A 1400 MKII shotgun is currently worth an average price of $373.58 used . The 12 month average price is $373.58 used. The used value of a 1400 MKII shotgun has risen $19.74 dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $373.58 .

How many Winchester 1400s are there in the world?

A fellow in our club has 6 1400’s, loves the guns, all he shoots, upland and turkey, has two in use now, one setup as a turkey gun. The fellow has 4 as spares, he’ll buy any he finds in 90%+ condition. We at the club have never seen or heard of him having any issues.

Is it worth buying a Winchester Mk II?

The MK II also has choke tubes so suitable for any sports or hunting. Good luck if you buy one and parts are readily available from various sources. Apparently some people still think they are worth owning if they are in near unused condtion.