How much is a 1911A1?

How much is a 1911A1?

45 ACP Springfield Armory 1911a1 45acp no reserve!…USED SPRINGFIELD ARMORY 1911A1 PRICE.

PRICE: $1,525.00 MANUFACTURER: Springfield Armory

How much are bullets for a 1911?

The original 1911 held seven rounds of 45 ACP ammo in its detachable single stack magazine. Since that time, eight round ammunition magazines for 45 ACP have become commonplace, and 1911s have been chambered in a number of other ammo types, including 38 super, 9 mm, 40 Smith & Wesson, and 22 long rifle.

What’s a good price for a 1911?

1911 Producers

1911 Model Price Range What We Like
Springfield Armory Mil-Spec $700-$1000 An American Classic
Ruger SR1911 $700-$1000 Great for Beginners
Colt Delta Elite $1000-$1500 Great Price for Reliability/Power
Colt-XSE Government .45 $1000-$1500 Most Classic 1911

What kind of gun is a nib Colt?

NIB Colt Model – 02070E, Government Model MK IV, 38 Super, 5″ bbl., Stainless Steel, all paper work as if left the factory/ Unfired! Buyer pays actually shipping and insurance.Click for more info NEW THIS WEEK! Colt New Agent, .45 ACP, 3″ bbl.,Matte Blue.

What kind of magazine does a Colt 1911 have?

Custom Race gun assembled on a 1911 frame of unknown manufacture. Blued Colt Series 70 slide on top. Metal is very good with wear and scuffs/marks. Bore is excellent. No magazine. .45 ACP …Click for more info

What’s the velocity of a Colt 1911 A1?

Colt 1911 A1 spring loaded airsoft gun is a high energy pistol with velocity up to 345 fps that features a tactical rail for accessory additions. (read more) Gun #: 963924726

Where did the Colt 1911 Mfg 1915 come from?

British Colt 1911 mfg. 1915 This pistol is one of 200 shipped to London Armory Co. on July 19, 1915, for use by a British officer in WWI. Extremely rare excellent original condition. The Britis …Click for more info