How much is a Colt Paterson revolver worth?

How much is a Colt Paterson revolver worth?

Colt Paterson Revolver: $977,500 The Colt Patterson Revolver was the first ever repeating pistol patented by Samuel Colt in 1836. Its groundbreaking design was the first to employ a revolving cylinder to cycle through multiple rounds making it the first repeating firearm.

What is the most valuable Colt revolver?

Colt Walker Revolver
An incredibly rare and important Colt Walker Revolver made history at Rock Island Auction Company (RIAC) this week. The 19th century pistol sold for a record-breaking $1.8 million, making it the most valuable single firearm ever sold at auction.

When was the first Colt Paterson made?

The Colt Paterson revolver was the first practical revolving-cylinder handgun ever made. Invented by Samuel Colt in 1831 and patented in 1836, the Colt Paterson revolver became synonymous with Texas.

What is the rarest handgun?

Fetching nearly a million dollars at auction is the Colt Paterson Percussion Revolver. What makes this piece such a rare collectible is that it is the firsts repeating pistol that Samuel Colt patented in 1836.

How big is a Colt Paterson pocket revolver?

The Patent Arms Company produced a variety of revolvers in different sizes including pocket, belt and holster models. The .28 calibre Pocket Model No.1 being the smallest and the .36 calibre No.5 holster revolver being the largest.

When was the Colt Paterson No 2 made?

Weight: 20 ounces depending on barrel length. The Colt Belt Model Paterson Revolver No. 2 was manufactured circa 1837 to 1840 in Paterson, New Jersey. A total of approximately 400 were made and serial numbered 1 through 850 along with the No. 2 Belt Model which shares its serial numbering.

What’s the record price for a Colt revolver?

An 1836 Colt Paterson Revolver (with accessories in box), sold last month for $977,500 at a Texas auction. This is believed to be a new world record for the sale of a single American firearm.

What was the most ever paid for a Colt Paterson?

Like many antique Colt’s, the Paterson’s are highly sought after by collectors. One recently sold for over $950,000 at auction. At the time, that is the most ever paid for a single firearm. Though this one was a later version with the loading lever, often referred to as a Texas Model as they were famously used by the Texas Rangers.