How much is a Sako 243 worth?

How much is a Sako 243 worth?

Recently Sold SAKO L579 FORESTER rifle

Price Item Condition
$855.00 .243 REM SWEET SAKO L579 FORESTER W/ REDFIELD 4-12X 24 INCH ” BARREL Edinboro, PA 16412 Used

What is a Sako Forester rifle worth?

SAKO L579 FORESTER rifle PRICE AND HISTORICAL VALUE A SAKO L579 FORESTER rifle is currently worth an average price of $1,361.73 used . The 12 month average price is $1,361.73 used. The used value of a SAKO L579 FORESTER rifle has risen $447.12 dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $1,361.73 .

Who owns Sako?

Beretta Holding
SAKO/Parent organizations

Is Sako 85 good?

The walnut Hunter, however, appeals to the purist and is a very elegant and well-handling rifle. In fact, the classic lines make the Sako 85 Hunter one of the nicest looking stalking rifles on the market, coupled with the Sako stamp of quality and accuracy.

What’s the value of a Sako 243 rifle?

Condition is a huge variable in valuing a firearm. If your rifle is a “beater” with chewed up stock and shot out barrel then its value might be no more than that of the action, or possibly $500. If it is pristine and original with no modifications then it fair market value would easily top $1,000.

What’s the caliber of a Sako Bavarian carbine?

Sako 85 Bavarian Carbine 20″ 270 Win Bolt-Action Rifle w/ Walnut Stock 082442174266 JRSBC18 20 inch ” barrel CALIBER: .270 Win. MANF.

What kind of barrel is the Sako L579?

Can you guys help me know what I have… and it’s value..? It’s a Sako L579 Forester Made in Finland 243 cal heavy varmint barrel SS#45557 Bofors Steel barrel. Thank you so much….

How much does a Sako 300 win rifle cost?

Recently Sold SAKO rifle PRICE: $1,750.00 MANUFACTURER: Sako CONDITION: New MODEL: 85 Grey Wolf Hunter Stainless SOLD: 3 days ago UPC: LOCATION: Oklahoma City, OK 73151 SKU: 85 Grey Wolf 300 Win N66046 CALIBER: .300 Win. Mag. MANF. PART #: 85 Grey Wolf 300 Win N6604