How to disassemble and maintain an M9 pistol?

How to disassemble and maintain an M9 pistol?

1. Clear the pistol. a. the SAFE position. b. raised pistol position. from the pistol. d. remove any chambered round. e. locking the slide to the rear. f. ensure it is empty. 2. Disassemble the pistol and magazine. a. let the slide go forward. b. raised. the disassembly lever button (figure 071-004-0001-1). Figure 071-004-0001-1. d.

What do you need to know about M9 pistols?

071-004-0001 (SL1) – Maintain an M9 Pistol. Standards: Cleaned and lubricated M9 pistol and magazine; inspected parts, turned in unserviceable parts for maintenance, assembled pistol, ensured pistol was operational, cleaned and inspected ammunition for serviceability, and turned in unserviceable ammunition. cleaning swabs. Standards:

What kind of lubricant do you use for a M9 pistol?

CLP, LSA, and LAW are the only lubricants authorized for this pistol. Note. interchangeably. Note. from the bore. a. below +10 degrees Fahrenheit.

How does the slide work on a M9 pistol?

The slide is thrust forward by counter recoil force of compressed recoil spring. The lower part of slide bolt face catches the top part of cartridge rim and strips the cartridge from the magazine, pushing the cartridge up the barrel ramp toward the chamber.

How is the hammer locked down on a M9?

The rearward travel of slide forces the hammer back as the slide rides over the hammer while continuing to compress recoil spring creating counter recoil force. The hammer is locked down by the sear as the slide moves forward by force of the compressed recoil spring.

How does chambering work on a M9 pistol?

Chambering is complete when the slide completes its forward motion and the extractor snaps into extracting groove on cartridge rim. The M9 has Double Action (DA)/Single Action (SA) trigger function. With weapon loaded and hammer decocked, a first shot can be fired DA by pulling trigger to rear.