Is the Detonics combat master?

Is the Detonics combat master?

Detonics is an American firearm manufacturing company founded around 1976, which has existed under several owners and variants of this name. Detonics is best known for its innovative design of compact self-loading pistols, such as the Pocket 9 and the 1911-style Combat Master.

Are Detonics firearms any good?

45 is handsome with a nicely formed thumb safety that works well. The checkered rosewood grip panels are functional and attractive. To begin with, my review of the new Detonics 1911 is qualified by the fact that I have not routinely carried or used any of the very good compact 1911s for personal defense for many years.

How much does a Detonics 45 cost?

45 ACP Detonics combat master 1911 45 acp no reserve!…USED DETONICS PRICE.

PRICE: $755.00 MANUFACTURER: Detonics

What kind of gun is a Detonics 45?

MK V models were stainless steel and all had CR prefix serial numbers, with a dulled finish. MK VI models, also SS w/CR prefixes, had polished side. The C prefix, as I noted in my prior post, indicated carbon steel. The MK IV guns were blued and had polished flats.

Is the Detonics Combat Master a full size gun?

EDC: SIG P938. Detonics, when in Seattle/Bellevue, made a number of different models. The Combat Master was the compact, the Servicemaster was the “commander” sized, and the Scoremaster was the full-size. EDIT: I think only the Combat Master was ever offered in non-stainless, the “C” prefix guns are late production non-stainless, and CR, stainless.

Which is better a 9mm or a.45 ACP?

The downside of buying a .45 pistol is that they’re usually more expensive than other handgun models. Also, the ammo tends to cost a bit more and most .45 ACPs don’t carry as many rounds as their 9mm counterparts. However, if you’re looking for a reliable gun with a lot of stopping power, nothing beats the .45 ACP.

Can a.45 ACP be used for conceal carry?

While .45 ACPs are a bit bulkier than some of the other handguns on the market, they’re still a very popular handgun for conceal carry. If you’re considering purchasing your very first .45 ACP, make sure that you do some testing before you make a purchase.