Is the hard disk an input or output device?

Is the hard disk an input or output device?

The hard disk is not an input device. As the same time it is also not an output device. It is a memory unit. It is used to store data for a long time Hi…. First you should know what is input/output device.

What do input and output devices on a floppy disk drive do?

Floppy Disk Drive Units (Input/Output) INPUT/ OUTPUT DEVICES (EXTERNAL) Input and output devices are similar in operation but perform opposite functions. It is through the use of these devices that the computer is able to communicate with the outside world.

How are magnetic disk drives input and output?

MAGNETIC DISK DRIVE UNITS (INPUT/OUTPUT) Magnetic disk drive units are storage devices that read and write information on the magnetized surfaces of rotating disks (fig. 2-20). The disks are made of thin metal, coated on each side so that data can be recorded in the form of magnetized spots.

Which is an example of an output device?

Output devices- these are those used to display the result of any kind of activity or input. Example: monitor screen in case of computer and other led display in case of say calculators. now hard disk or hard drive is a device that is widely used for storage purposes. We can say this a intermediate interface of the input and output signals.

How is data input and output on a computer?

The data and instructions are input by typing on the keyboard. The message typed on the keyboard reaches the memory unit of a computer. It’s connected to a computer via a cable. Apart from alphabet and numeral keys, it has other function keys for performing different functions.

How are audio input devices and video input devices different?

Video input devices are used to digitize images or video from the outside world into the computer. The information can be stored in a multitude of formats depending on the user’s requirement. Audio input devices are used to capture sound. In some cases, an audio output device can be used as an input device, in order to capture produced sound.