What did mama do when she caught Byron lighting matches?

What did mama do when she caught Byron lighting matches?

Byron gets caught lighting matches for fun (this kid really is a delinquent), and Momma swears that the next time she catches him starting a fire, she will burn him. Yikes!

What does Byron do with the dove he killed?

In a show of touchingly innocent sensitivity and atonement, Byron then digs a grave for the bird he has killed, and marks it with a cross made of two Popsicle sticks (Chapter 6).

How does Kenny unintentionally save joetta from the bombing?

How does Kenny unintentionally save Joetta from the bombing? She followed his advice. She left church early to buy him something.

Why didn’t Byron and Kenny sleep well at Grandma Sands House?

Why didn’t Byron and Kenny sleep well at Grandma Sands’ house? They had to sleep on the floor and it was too cold. They had to share a bed and were sweating like two pigs.

Why is Mama so afraid of fire?

Why is Momma so upset about Byron playing with matches? Momma is so upset about Byron playing with matches for several reasons: she remembers her own bad experience with fire from her childhood, she doesn’t want him to endanger their family by catching the house on fire, and she doesn’t like that he disobeys her.

Why is Mrs Watson so afraid of fire?

Momma is especially fearful of fire, because when she was a little girl, her house caught on fire, and although fortunately no one was hurt, she and her brothers had to wear clothes that smelled like smoke for almost two years.

What is Byron’s reaction to killing the bird?

Byron throws stolen cookies at a mourning dove perched on a telephone wire. Typical delinquent Byron. Then he actually hits the bird and kills it (with a cookie), and suddenly he’s so upset that he’s throwing up and crying uncontrollably.

Why is Mama so upset about Byron’s hair?

Momma is unhappy with Byron because he used chemicals on his hair, which is bad for him. He also looks ridiculous. She told him he couldn’t get his hair done but he disregarded her instruction. Byron wanted a new hairdo and he wanted Mexican style hair.

Why does Kenny Think Joey died?

He says he thought Joey was dead. He confesses that he’s ashamed of himself; that’s what he’s learned from all the time he spent in the Pet Hospital. He’s ashamed because Byron saved him, but when Kenny thought the Wool Pooh had Joey, he just ran away instead of fighting for her.

Why was Joetta upset with Kenny?

It appears that Joetta (or Joey) thinks that Kenny is trying to scare her. She thinks that he is trying to hide something from her. Specifically, it looks like she believes that he is trying to hide something about their mom and dad from her. She thinks that Kenny is trying to mess with her mind.

What is Kenny referring to when he sees the scariest things he’s ever seen?

What is Kenny referring to when he sees “the scariest things” he’s ever seen? Describe them. He is referring to the stars in the sky and that there were more than usual. He describes it as if it looks like a deformed, evil, one-armed space robot.

What is Kenny trying to grab out in the deeper water?

But Kenny ignores all the warnings and gets in the water. He starts trying to catch some of the fish hanging around in the shallow water. Then he notices a turtle out in the deeper water. He takes a few more steps out and makes a grab for it.

What are the 12 bloodlines that Satan Blessed?

In mockery and imitation of God’s 12 tribes, Satan blessed 12 bloodlines. One of these bloodlines was the Ishmaeli bloodline from which a special elite line developed alchemy, assassination techniques, and other occult practices. One bloodline was Egyptian/Celtic/Druidic from which Druidism was developed.

Who was killed at the end of the Dark Tower?

In the final novel, during the attack on Algul Siento, Eddie is shot and killed by Pimli Prentiss, the master of the establishment. Roland also notes that Eddie’s character strongly resembles that of Cuthbert, a gunslinger of Roland’s past, and one of Roland’s greatest friends.

Who is the Lady of Shadows in the Dark Tower?

She is “The Lady of Shadows”, the second companion predicted by Walter to be drawn into Roland’s world via the mysterious doors. Initially, her dominant personality is that of Odetta Susannah Holmes, a well-mannered but priggish woman active in the civil rights movement.