What is strobe in opamp?

What is strobe in opamp?

If you are using the strobe pin as a “strobe”, connecting pin 8 to the negative supply voltage forces the output high while effectively reducing the current used by the output stage to 0. This would be commonly used in comparator circuits. The opamp compares the input to a known voltage.

Which of the following is a feature’s of LM311?

The isolation of system ground from all outputs and inputs is one of the key features of LM 311. The functionality of offset balancing along with strobe capability is easily possible….LM311 Differential Comparator I Features.

Parameters LM 311
Input Offset Current (nA) 70
Input Common Mode Voltage Range (V) -14.7 to 13.8

What is the function of voltage comparator LM311 in microprocessor based frequency measurement?

The LM111, LM211, LM311 are voltage comparators that have low input currents. They are also designed to operate over a wide range of supply voltages: from standard ±15V operational amplifier supplies down to the single +5V supply used for IC logic.

What does LM311 mean?

LM311 is a voltage comparator with high speed. It is able to perform tasks over a large range of voltages. Its output levels are compatible with MOS circuits. Relays and lamps can be controlled by LM 311 when it is operating at 50V and 50mA as well.

How many pins are there in IC 741?

8 pins
The pin diagram of the IC 741 op amp is shown below. It consists of 8 pins where each pin having some functionality which is discussed in the following. Pin 1 is Offset null. Pin 2 is Inverting input terminal.

How do you convert voltage to frequency?

8 (a)) V=k. (5) The relation between the input voltage v and the output frequency f follows from (4) and (5) v=k. The voltage v is approximately linear with the frequency f: the pulse width ‘ has to be much smaller than the period To = t + ‘. Figure 10 : A schematic of simple VFC circuit.

Why We Use IC 741?

Amplifiers: 741 IC is mostly used to amplify signals of varying frequencies ranging from DC to higher radio frequencies. It is also used in frequency selective amplifiers which filter out signals of unwanted frequencies, E.g. tone control systems in stereo and Hi Fi systems.

How is IC 311 used in a strobed circuit?

The next figure below shows how IC 311 comparator can be used for making a strobed circuit. In this comparator circuit example, the output pin7 will turn high when pin3 voltage level rises above pin2 reference. But this can happen only while pin6 strobe input pin is low or at 0 V.

What are the features of the LM 311 IC?

LM-311 has several different features. These features include fast response time, strobe capability, wide voltage supply ranges, maximum input current, operating at single 5V power supply ranges, low power consumption, large input differential voltages etc. Several different applications are associated with LM 311 IC.

What is the operating voltage of the IC lm311?

Pin8 (VCC+): This pin provides the operating voltage to the operational amplifier. For IC LM311, the operating voltage is up to +15V. The features and specifications of the LM311 IC include single supply as well as dual supply.

Which is the emit out pin in the lm311?

LM311 Pin Configuration Pin1 (Emit Out): This pin is the output transistor’s emitter pin Pin2 (IN+: Non-Inverting Input): The IN+ Pin of the comparator can be given to a variable voltage for comparing voltages. Pin3 (IN-Inverting Input): The IN-pin can be given to a set voltage which is contrasted with the Non-inverting input