What is the meaning of mass destruction?

What is the meaning of mass destruction?

mass destruction in British English (mæs dɪˈstrʌkʃən) military. death or injury on a large scale, esp as caused by nuclear or biological weapons.

What does destruction mean?

1 : the state or fact of being destroyed : ruin scenes of death and destruction the destruction of their careers. 2 : the action or process of destroying something the destruction of the building.

What qualifies as a weapon of mass destruction?

A weapon of mass destruction is a nuclear, radiological, chemical, biological, or other device that is intended to harm a large number of people.

What’s another word for mass destruction?

What is another word for mass destruction?

massacre slaughter
carnage holocaust
butchery extermination
murder annihilation
bloodbath destruction

What was the first weapon of mass destruction?

Biological Weapons of Mass Destruction Biological WMD’s were first used the United States in 1763 when British officers planned to distribute blankets with smallpox. Attempts such as this continued during war as soldiers were steadfast in killing off their enemies.

What can cause a lot of destruction?

Once the land is scarred by mining efforts it is left vulnerable to massive erosion. Other events and issues such as natural disasters, war, the construction of dams, and poverty in developing countries also contribute to the destruction of tropical rainforests.

What are synonyms for destruction?

OTHER WORDS FOR destroy 1 smash, level, waste, ravage, devastate. 2 extirpate, annihilate, uproot.

What are some examples of weapon of mass destruction?

Weapons of mass destruction can kill or eliminate large numbers of people in a short time. The main types are nuclear weapons (atomic weapons, radiation weapons), chemical weapons (such as poison gas) and biological weapons (natural toxins and pathogens, like the anthrax bacterium).

Is ill mannered one word?

having bad or poor manners; impolite; discourteous; rude.

What’s the opposite of destruction?

destructionnoun. Antonyms: conservation preservation, perpetuation. Synonyms: annihilation, demolition, eradication, ruin, perdition, havoc, vandalism, subversion, desolation, devastation, iconoclasm.

Which country has the most biological weapons?

What Countries Have Them? Only 16 countries plus Taiwan have had or are currently suspected of having biological weapons programs: Canada, China, Cuba, France, Germany, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Japan, Libya, North Korea, Russia, South Africa, Syria, the United Kingdom and the United States.

What’s the definition of a weapon of mass destruction?

The statutory definition of “weapon of mass destruction” refers to “any destructive device as defined in section 921 of this title,” which in turn includes: a “rocket having a propellant charge of more than four ounces.”. Other weapons of mass destruction, legally speaking: Bombs. Grenades.

What was the weapon of mass destruction charge in the Boston Marathon?

The Massachusetts U.S. attorney announced Monday that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev will be federally charged with “using a weapon of mass destruction against persons and property at the Boston Marathon.” No one would seek to underplay the heinous act that killed three people and injured over 170.

How big is the rock in the book mass destruction?

At 270 metres across, this rock could have caused mass destruction if it had a slightly different orbit around the sun. Yet although he wields the power of mass destruction, the novel slyly implies that the general is impotent. This means that their true objectives are not mass destruction but making a big enough bang to make the news. Collins!