What kind of gun does forehand and Wadsworth make?

What kind of gun does forehand and Wadsworth make?

And F&W’s New Hammerless Single Barrel Breech Loading Shot Gun was a surprisingly streamlined top-lever 12-gauge available with a 30-, 32- or 36-inch barrel and automatic extractors. The company’s Breech-Loading Shot Gun was an attractive rabbit-ear model available in 10- and 12-gauge.

When did the forehand and Wadsworth double action come out?

In the early 1870s the Center Hammer morphed into what would become the flagship of the F&W line: the rimfire .32-caliber or .38-caliber Forehand & Wadsworth Double Action. Some modern collectors lump the F&W Double Action — and almost all F&W handguns — into the category of “suicide specials,” but I’m not one of them.

Where is the serial number on a forehand 38 Worchester?

Double Action No. 38 Worchester, Mass. In generally the serial number is marked at the rear face of the cylinder, at the bottom of the grip frame and can also be figured at the bottom of the barrel. Inside of both grips only the last thre digits of the serial number is stamped.

Who are the characters in forehand and Wadsworth?

Exit ruffian, stage left. However, Forehand & Wadsworth was a true-blue American enterprise presided over by Sullivan Forehand, a bookkeeper with a knack for numbers, and Henry C. Wadsworth, a former officer in the Union army.

When did the Forehand Arms revolver stop being made?

Thanks! There has been very little research done on Forehand/Forehand and Wadsworth. The date you have is about as close as you are going to get. Forehand closed it’s doors in 1902. Your revolver is about in as good condition as I’ve seen.

What did forehand and Wadsworth do after the Civil War?

Immediately after the Civil War, in which bloody battles raged within eyeshot of the nation’s capitol, and previously quiet city streets ran red, America became a nation of concealed-carriers. Some gunmakers, such as Smith & Wesson, rode this wave of gun consciousness to enduring fame. Others did not. Consider Forehand & Wadsworth.